1. Mushtaq

    Turkish Lawyer recommendation

    I have a friend looking for a decent lawyer to handle a problem in Turkey. He has been waiting for payment of a property sale for some time, he has a cheque past it's due date and would like help in getting his money. Any recommendations for a descent lawyer in or around Didim area? I had a...
  2. suecheshireuk

    Kennels and cattery recommendation please, Fethiye area.

    Hi, I have read an old thread on places recommended for dogs, but just wondering if anyone has any recent recommendations on where to place our cat and dog when we go on our holidays. Many thanks. xx
  3. C

    Tax advisor recommendation?

    Can anybody recommend a highly regarded tax advisor here in Turkey, with international experience? Thanks in advance!
  4. rafiki

    Hotel recommendation?

    Hi...will be travelling over to Altinkum from Bulgaria 2nd week in April and I'm looking for a cheap but clean hotel for a couple of nights, would appreciate any recommendations as has been a fair few years since my last visit. Thanks :cheers:
  5. Billy Joe

    An excellent recommendation.

    Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams backs Jeremy Corbyn to be PM | Daily Mail Online I hope the British electorate remember this endorsement at the next General election.
  6. L

    Vet recommendation near Urla

    Please can anyone recommend an English speaking vet (just in case!) Thanks Anita
  7. T

    English speaking lawyer recommendation

    Hi, could anyone recommend a reliable English speaking lawyer please. Thanks Tina-Marie
  8. J

    Any recommendation about the best way to get to Adrasan?

    Hello, Please may I know how can I get from Antalya to Adrasan? any recommendation? Please give me all possible choices/ prices/ duration and any relevant information might be useful regarding this matter. Regards,
  9. A89

    free anti virus recommendation pls

    Can you chaps please recommend a good and simple free anti virus please? Ive been using AVG for years but im so sick of every couple of days it telling me my computer is not fully protected that I'm going to change. :frusty: I think I tried Avast before but unsure why I didnt stick with it...
  10. Neil_Denizli

    Guest House / Hotel Recommendation?

    Will be staying one night (Monday 5th) in Marmaris - can anyone recommend any accommodation close to the British Consulate as we have an early appointment there? Don't need a pool or even a view, just somewhere comfortable with parking within walking distance of the consulate. Thanks
  11. A

    Yalikavak Emlak Recommendation

    Hi, can anyone recommend a good Emlak in Yalikavak ?
  12. D

    Pleasure to recommend Bodrum Emlak and a Consultant

    After a mercurial 7 years of property ownership in Turkey, we have finished on a high by finding an excellent Estate Agent and also a Consultant - both of whom have given us A1 service and been completely trustworthy throughout. So, to leave our Turkish experience on a high for you, too - the...
  13. R

    Builder recommendation in Turgutreis

    Can anyone recommend a good builder in Turgutreis, for the second year we have had rain water leak into one of our bedrooms from the balcony of the apartment above. While in the UK this would probably be the upstairs owners issue, the apartment is rented and before I speak to the owner I would...
  14. TB2010

    Hotel recommendation for January.

    I'm visiting Kuşadası in a couple of weeks and i'd appreciate it if anyone could recommend a reasonable hotel for my stay. Many thanks, Tony
  15. J

    Dentist recommendation in Yalikavak

    Hello I was wondering if any one could recommend a dentist? I really want to get my teeth whitened aswell but would like some recommendations. Thank you in advance
  16. J

    Hairdresser recommendation please

    Hi everyone Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser in Alanya Centrum, preferably English speaking please. Thanks :D
  17. S

    Out of town restaurant recommendation?

    Hi all, Off to Dalyan again in the summer but this time for 3 weeks (due to a mix up over the villa last year Oruc gave us a free week). We've been travelling to Dalyan for the last 18 years or so and I'm looking for a suggestion for a new restaurant out of town to try. We've tried places...
  18. J

    Hotel recommendation in Kyrenia?

    Hi everyone, Has anyone stayed here recently?, if so can you recommend a hotel that is central to restaurants, bars, shops, don't mind walking but do not want to be too far out. Thank you. Jan:clap:
  19. L

    Recommendation to build a Köşk (Gazebo) in Dalyan

    Can anyone recommend a company in Dalyan that would build a kosk at my villa?
  20. J

    Doctor recommendation

    Hi, We are moving to Dalyan next month and am hoping someone can recommend a Doctor and an english speaking vet. Thanks
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