1. R

    Emlak Recomendations Please

    Hi People, We have an apartment in Akbuk and after many years think it maybe time to move on for one reason or another. Can anyone please recommend a reliable and trustworthy Emlak in or around Akbuk? Thanks in advance:28:
  2. V

    3 piece suite cost or recomendations

    Hi i have a property in didim and due to a pipe burst my sofa and 2 chairs apparently are now water damaged / mouldy. I was wondering if anyone knew an approx price to replace with any recommendations as to where from. As I only get the chance to visit once a year I'm not after the highest...
  3. staceman

    recomendations management companies

    Hi all Can anyone recommend a reliable management company in the Feyhiye area. We have a three bed villa with private pool south of Fethiye & are looking for a trustworthy & relaible person or persons to look after it while we are not there & also if we have guests look after them too. Many...
  4. janA

    recomendations please

    We have our villa up for sale in the Gokova area and we would to advertise it with other estate agents further a field . Can anyone recomend any realiable ones in the Dalaman/Dalyan/Marmaris areas please.
  5. CJD

    Underwater camera recomendations

    I want to buy an underwater camera has anyone any recomedations, depth is not a problem cause its just for snorkeling I am considering the Olympus MJU 770SW or the pentaxW30 which are supposed to be waterproof without a housing does anyone have either of these cameras or could recomend another...
  6. CJD

    digital camera recomendations

    I need a new digital camera and would be grateful for recomendations, need lots of mega pixels and zoom price £200 -£250
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