1. tinkycarol

    Reclaiming water meter costs? Did I imagine this?

    I think I could be cracking up but I thought I recalled seeing a thread on here in the past few months re. claiming back the cost if you'd had a water meter installed (approx 220tl). I've looked back in the Altinkum forum and in the forum index for likely places - now wondering if I dreamed it...
  2. immac

    Reclaiming UK VAT

    As I am a resident of Turkey, can I reclaim VAT paid in UK on goods I am bringing back to Turkey? If I buy by post from UK I can get VAT taken off by the shipper before they send it to me in Turkey. If I buy goods while on holiday can I get it back? Ian
  3. L

    Reclaiming Bank Charges ?

    I hope this is the right place to put this, I've been hearing a lot in the news and saw the programme on telly this week about claiming back all your bank charges, or a significant portion anyway. Just wondered has anyone done or doing this ? I was just having a quick look at my charges for...
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