1. bickern

    Quick Easy Recipes over Lockdown

    I have been making this for a while now and it really is simple. I know bread is cheap here and sold everywhere but you can't beat your own for satisfaction. ------------------------------------------ PEASANT BREAD Ingredients 4 cups (510 g | 1 lb. 2 oz) all-purpose flour* (BİM or A101...
  2. S

    TLF'rs Turkish recipes

    As I'm now discovering on TLF some of the pastimes that are taking place over the winter months in Turkey are very interesting and informative . The posts regarding this had led me to try and gain some knowledge on your Turkish recipes whether they be authentic or mixed with elements of your...
  3. mollag

    Oven clay pot recipes

    Does anyone have any tips on recipes/ cooking the chicken/kofte clay pot dishes a la, Alo 24 and other Lokantas ?, The Nazar in Turgutreis does a particularly good one lately. Cheers :gulme:
  4. G

    traditional Turkish Recipes

    Hi Guys I am in need of a little help, I am looking for Traditional Turkish Main course dishes different from the normal tas Kebabi ,Orman Kebabi,hunker begiandi Yes spelt it wrong Sorry. All of the above are very good dishes but can be found nearly everywhere so I am looking for the really...
  5. Q

    Bergama köfte

    When I went to Pergamon, I had something called "Bergama köfte," which I think might be the best thing I had in Turkey (except for some hindi that my local kebap shop prepared for me, but that's pretty self-explanatory: chopped up and stir-fried, sprinkled with oregano and sesame, with soft...
  6. turkishknashers

    All Your Old Favourite Recipes & Childhood Food Memories

    This is a thread to post all your nans/mums old recipes from your childhood days, memories of favourite meals,cakes,pies, school dinners etc Classic and favourite recipes can so easily be forgotton or lost for some of our favourite things we loved as children ! So please post them on here for...
  7. raven

    Börek Recipes or Good Turkish baking website help please!

    Hi My Mother In Law is coming to stay on Sunday and arriving late, thought I would make Börek but the only one I know to make is spinach and cheese. As I can't get any spinach just now I thought I would make a mince Börek but I am struggling to find a good recipe. Does anyone have a recipe...
  8. arrian

    St.Patricks day recipes!

    Traditional Irish Fare For St. Patrick's Day - Yahoo! Lifestyle UK
  9. arrian

    Carrot recipes

    although i'm not a vegetarian, i don't like the taste of beef, and i do love my veg! so i'm always on the lookout for simple veggie recipes, and i've just found this site. i haven't tried any yet, but some sound really tasty, so i thought i'd share. Carrot Recipes
  10. Struggs

    Soups, Stews & Chillies recipes

    Picked this up on moneysavingexpert, free download of Betty Crocker recipe book, there are some nice recipes, idea for winter warmers. Soups, Stews & Chilies
  11. juco

    Help, Hinari 174 breadmaker recipes

    Anyone got a copy (scans) of the Hinari 174 recipe book, destroyed mine. Its the recipe book not the instruction manual.
  12. L

    blackberry jam recipes please

    Hi, can anyone give me a recipe for blackberry jam. I have one for B.B. jelly but it only keeps for about a month.I want a recipe that I can make lots of it and store for over the next year. thanx Linda
  13. arrian

    Diet Recipes!

    DIET RECIPES ONLY IN THIS SECTION!!!! please post any diet recipes here, and not in the chat room, as they are not always seen, or any tips, and use other threads for general comments. :thanks:
  14. D

    Turkish recipes - please share if you can!

    :hmm: Hi...having just read the thread posted on here re the expensive prices of meat i wondered if anyone would be prepared to share any Turkish recipes ? Turkish cuisine is second to non and I ceratinly would be grateful for some tips on using locally available cheap ingredients to prepare...
  15. S

    Vegetable Recipes

    I have never been a great lover of vegatables, except for peas and carrots but since living in Turkey I have been trying more different kinds but still not enamoured with them. Now that meat has become so expensive It would be good to make the most of the fresh veg and salads on offer and I...
  16. A

    christmas recipes

    can i have any christmas recipes like Xmas pud. Cake. and stuffing that i can adapt here in Turkey
  17. Howell's

    recipes (help)

    Hi guys Can you help at all My daughter started school last month and has come home with her homework for the week, she has to write the ingrediants to 10 of her favourite foods in Turkish. 1, spag bowl 2, roast dinner (which i think i can do) LOL 3, full english breakfast 4, chocolate cake 5...
  18. shirleyanntr

    recipes for avocados ?

    has anyone got some recipes for avocados..ive got a bag full .. we made a dip with garlic and lemon which was nice.. but im stuck now..any ideas welcome.
  19. shirleyanntr

    steamer recipes

    ive just bought a steamer..and i cant think of anything to use it for but veggies..i'd be glad of any advice. its was 57 about 23quid.
  20. Andy

    10 Gluten Free Recipes Download & print off.
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