1. J

    Gezi Park-500million dollars recieved in advance

    Ankara bu iddiay? konu?uyor! Gezi'yi 500 milyon dolara satm??lar! - haber, Son dakika, fla? haber, en son haber, seçim anketi, yerel seçimler, aday adaylar? | According to this report the govt have recieved 500 million dollars in advance payment(presumably with more to come)...
  2. lintel

    help recieved tapu and dont understand it

    I hope someone can help me on this forum we recived the tapu this morning and dont understand it as i have read so many bad things about members recieving the tapu only to find it is wrong ext.. both are names are on it and our pics also it £3000 over what we paid also the word( kat irtifaki...
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