1. J

    uk tv reception

    Hi What is the best way for mr to get UK tv reception in gumusluk. I have a house near Migros
  2. abba

    Bodrum Annual Reception

    I received a text message yesterday informing of the Mayor of Bodrum Reception to be held Wednesday December 26 at the Hadigari Night Club from 1800 to 2200.
  3. B

    Internet reception

    Hiya folks, I have been having problems with the internet going down frequently over the last week. I have a dreambox so T.V is almost impossible to watch and internet for long periods. Is anyone else in the Altinkum area having the same trouble, or do you think there may be a...
  4. G

    radio reception

    Hi all .Does anyone know if you can receive world service broadcasts on shortwave radio in Akbuk. I just found an old short wave radio and was thinking of taking in out on my next trip to Akbuk. Regards Ged
  5. E

    hotels to hold wedding reception in ???

    any of you nice people been in any of the all inclusive hotels for eating , drinking etc ?? and are able to recomend any to hold a wedding and reception there ??:bounce:
  6. G

    tv reception akbuk

    Dear all, I have been looking into getting satellite tv for my apartment at Akbuk. I am on the Royal Blue Beach Site which is on the road to Bosbuk. Fellow owners report that they are unsatisfied with their tv package stating that the reception is poor and patchy and limited choice. Apparently...
  7. B

    english radio reception

    Can any one advise me on how to get reception for a radio station that covers english news.( BBC ) For example can one purchase a radio that covers the world network ether in turkey or in england that will work in turkey.If so will a dish or arial be required. Is it posible to down load by...
  8. J

    Sky reception in Turkey,does it work?

    Hi all, just a note of encouragement to anybody who wants to receive all the english channels,and may have been told in Turkey that it is not possible.We had a 3m dish installed in DALAMAN a month ago,and are now receiving the Astra 2D Satellite giving us all the UK channels.BUT on the...
  9. J

    Satelite tv reception in Dalaman

    We have bought a property on white rock,hoping to install a dish,2m or 3m to receive the astra sat.Is the anybody out there who has maneged to receive sky,would like to here how u have got on
  10. H

    BBC & ITV Reception in Altinkum.

    BBC & ITV Reception in Altinkum. Hi every body I am new to this forum. We have a duplex appt in Altinkum and are coming out for a week on 11th of July. Can you please give us advice on recieving the stations via sky. We do not know if it is possible.Any info on dish size and reciever make would...
  11. Mushtaq

    The Padded Room Reception

    I have created this section for when you want to let off steam, I am going to try an experiment, and allow you to swear away if it will make you feel better. As this section is only open to members, I think it's fairly safe from the outside world. PLEASE BE WARNED YOU MAY FIND EXPLICIT...
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