1. gam101

    Recent RP changes?

    Ola folks! I've heard from a friend living in Turkey that there have been some changes to the Residency Permit category. 1) He mentioned that now RP's are only renewed for a maximum of 1 year. 2) RP's are not renewed unless the primary applicant (family based RP) has a job. :wow: I thought...
  2. Mushtaq

    Recent member departures

    As there have been a few threads asking about a spate of banning/departures I thought it might be worth giving an official explaination so the matter can be put to rest. I have banned a few members as the forum has lost its focus lately, the main purpose of this forum was and is to discuss...
  3. mollag

    Recent arrests and internet closures.

    The EU and the USA are both expressing concern at the recent arrests of opposition MP,s and the closing of internet access in some regions of Turkey, there does seem, to many, to be a solid gradual erosion of democracy within Turkey, how, if at all, would this process, if it continues, affect...
  4. S

    Recent Tlf summary

    There's that many subjects that come up on Tlf I think its good from time to time to pause and put together a summary of recent postings What we have learned recently If you are a posh socialist who went to a comprehensive, now support Erdogan but haven't a clue how to fix a crack in your...
  5. Tommie

    The most recent request was denied because it contained an invalid security token.

    I'm sometimes getting this message trying to log onto a site. Tried to login again and no problem. It's just frustrating and I'm not sure what the problem is. I'm doing regular maintenance on the site so there are no viruses. Has anyone any idea as to what's causing the problem?
  6. v6cod

    Some photos from recent outings to Sandras and Kocadere.

    White Spotted Barbary Beetle (I think). (Sandras) Crocus (Sandras) Alpine Cyclamen (Sandras) Not sure on this one, but a pretty little flower. (Sandras) Ophrys Argolica (Subspecies Lucis) Common Name The Light Ophrys. An Orchid that is found in Southern Anatolia and the Island of...
  7. Fuzzy

    Recent import experiences ?

    Hi.... Just been reading through all the threads here regarding importing your household goods etc to Turkey. Did they do away with the old " temporary import " system that l was reading about ? so now do you still have to pay 10% across the board for everything including elec items ? and is...
  8. babsgood

    recent posters

    Hey guys, as some of you will have seen there have been some inflammatory posts in the last few minutes, lets just ignore these a**eholes and hopefully they will go away, I can't see any point in giving them any attention, hopefully one of the mods will be along shortly to remove the offending...
  9. M

    Some Recent Photographs July 2009

    Some recent Photographs from Pearl Rock Retreat -
  10. gerald

    Following a recent poll

    it is confirmed that the most common position among married couples is doggy style. the husband sits and begs for it and the woman rolls over and plays dead.
  11. gren

    Interesting recent Milas/Mügla news

    Muğla roads to be cleaned from signs Natural gas to heat Muğla towns next year Heavy rain filling up dams in Aegean Fish farms investigated
  12. matty

    Re recent break-ins

    This being an open forum, i myself have noticed that many people on here are openly advertising their addresses and dates that their properties are occupied! Due to the few dishonest individuals that maybe looking on forums for their own advantage, i personally would recommend communicating...
  13. P

    Recent Depressing Posts...A solution.

    It has been mentioned to me that there are a lot of depressing posts recently. How about if Mushtaq introduced a Samaritan Forum. If that fails we could always have ,alongside the Key rings and T shirts ,a TLF Topping kit. At least there wouldnt be many after sales complaints. Perhaps TLF...
  14. L

    Recent Threads

    When you log onto the forum you get a list of the most recent threads, at the moment is shows 20, My point is as the threads are moving quite quickly is it possible to have another page of recent threads, so members will then be able to keep up with some of the previous threads which may not be...
  15. SuperBogs

    Recent Poll

    This is very very funny It's also safe so take a look. Biker Bob Argh the link does not work, sorry all. Is there a way I can copy and paste a picture here? Biker Bob
  16. L

    Four Seasons - Most recent pictures..

    The Mecitoglu website has updated its pictures today with some final pictures.. The site looks great and is very more or less finished... Even the pool is full......!
  17. P

    Increase number recent threads?

    Can you increase the number of recent threads shown when you use the Home button to the left? Its currently 20 but maybe 30 or 40 would be better? I dont know if others do the same but I because I generally have the forums up all day I only use this option to refresh the list and see what has...
  18. M

    Recent Threads

    Hi - Sometimes I find some interesting information in a recent thread. However, when I go back later on to find it again, it has "dropped" off the bottom of the threads page. Is there any way of increasing the number of recent threads displayed, or looking further back than the page is...
  19. C

    Recent Visit

    We got back on Saturday after eight brilliant weeks at Sunflower. First arrived on 7th May and the weather was a bit iffy for a wee while but soon began to brighten and warm up. The week prior to our leaving the temperature was 51!! Oh well, any excuse to lounge by the lovely pool eh? Still...
  20. speedy

    Recent Hello's

    People I met recently It was a pleasure to meet both Kym, her son and Jackie (Murdo) on my recent trip to Tinky, sorry Ade a week is very short but I am sure that we can meet a for a few beers next year, enjoyed an indian in Altinkum last night at 1.00am, drove to Bodrum for my flight at 6.30...
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