1. Neil_Denizli

    Best Bank for Receiving Payments from Overseas

    Start with a grumble - my HSBC dollar account now started charging (without notification or reason, will be talking to them today) 31 dollars per transaction - i.e. every time a payment comes in they steal an obscene commission. Will be closing my account with them asap. However, as I work...
  2. D

    Sending and receiving mail in Turkey

    Hi, Ready for a dumb question? 1. Sending mail: OK, in the UK, we buy a stamp from a shop, and put the letter in a postbox. What do we do over here - do we have to queue out the door at the PTT? 2. Receiving mail: I guess this is a bit more tricky. At our house just outside Yalikavak, we do...
  3. N

    Receiving Payments for Rental

    Hi, I've just received my first enquiry for renting my villa and I wondered how do I receive payment? The enquiry I have is from Switzerland, so how do they get the money to me? What do other people do? Payment through International bank transfer? What about holding damage deposits etc? It...
  4. steve

    receiving the tapu

    i wonder if anybody can help with this, my uncle went over to altinkum in october last year to buy a apartment. he has bought one at that time and is still waiting for the deeds to come through ? when we bought ours in march last year it only took about 4 weeks and for obvious reasons he is now...
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