1. dalid69

    Sky Tv Receivers

    I have for sale 2 sky tv receivers,both are later models not the older type and give good reception in turkey,both come with remote controls. One is £50 The newest one is £70 Or Lira equivilant,also if anyone needs a new standard remote i have a couple of them available for £10 each. Paul...

    satelite receivers

    hi All Has anyone had got the satelite receiver promised by Mese, I forgot to put it on my snag list. Regards eve
  3. I

    satellite receivers

    hi not sure what kind of satellite reciver is required for the most channels. we have like 4 smaller dishes in the complex and one massive 1 probebly around 3 meters diamater. many supermarkets are selling receivers for arround 60 ytl but a person recommended i get the goldstar one at 179ytl...
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