1. W

    Digital satellite receiver

    I am in the market to buy a new digital satellite tv receiver as my current one is approx 6 years old. My mate gets freeview German TV channels and various Italian and German sports channels inc Eurosport and I am looking for a receiver which is good enough to get the same. I know it also...
  2. M

    Satellite TV Program Receiver System

    Does anyone knows a shop or man to repair/setup satellite tv reciever system Should be from Bodrum or area Thanks mia
  3. superpp

    Blackbox 500 Satellite Receiver

    Hi, For sale satellite receiver, it's a Blackbox 500. This is a new linux based receiver based on the classic dreambox 500s. Loaded with latest software. Only 2 months old. Box is in UK so ideal for anyone to take out to Turkey. £50 including UK postage.
  4. Ian2006

    Digital Receiver with USB for recording & Card Slot

    Hi - I am in Fethiye and looking to buy a receiver that will allow me to record via a usb and it must have a card slot. Has anyone bought one of this spec in Turkey and can you give me an idea of cost and where you bought it? Many thanks - Ian
  5. D

    receiver boxes.

    Hi everyone. Can anyone tell the best satelite/receiver box for british tv. Last year after experiencing many problems i was told the "baff" box was the best and had one fitted and tuned to Nilesat. When i was there in sept i could not get any signal for Nilesat. when i contacted the shop (...
  6. Ian

    Internet Dongle routed to Dreambox Receiver ?.

    Hi All, Any PC geeks know whether or not I can use a dongle and then from the dongle still connect to my dreambox TV receiver, reason being am moving to a new house and there will be no phone/internet connection for some time hence the need for an internet dongle and hopefully dreambox channels...
  7. barry budd

    TV receiver card

    Is there any tv & receiver shops, that would supply a receiver & a card for short periods,as i would only be in turkey for perhaps 1 month or 2 at a time thanks:confused:
  8. zozatky

    Goldmaster satellite receiver

    I have two 3 month old SAT-4450 FTA recivers for sale. enables you to veiw TV FREE easy to instal & tune in. 85tl each incl cargo.
  9. Marc

    Sky Sat receiver wanted

    I am looking for anyone who would like to sell a sky satellite receiver that they are not using, I'm hoping I can reconfigure it with a 90 cm dish to pick up a limited number of UK channels for free. I'm in the Akbuk/Didim area dont want to travel much further and dont want to pay more than...
  10. J

    Satellite receiver

    Hi, I have looked at the threads on this site and can't quite find the answers to my questions, so I'm afraid I have another TV question for you..... I have a place in Turkey which already has a satellite dish on the roof (I've no idea what kind it is) and I also have the ariel socket inside...
  11. Andy

    Digital Satellite Dish & Receiver Set

    Digital Satellite Dish & Receiver Set in Lidl's on 28th August Can be used in Turkey & Spain Complete satellite set, consists of: - 57cm offset steel dish - Digital satellite receiver with remote control - Twin LNB - Wall bracket - Cable set and satellite finder Features include: - Plug...
  12. S

    UK satellite receiver in Turkey?

    hi peeps,im off to furnish my apartment in may,i was going to take a sat reciever over with me with my sky card,does anyone know if it will work ok in turkey,glad of any info thanks chris
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