1. suzyq

    Smokers in Turkey to not receive free cancer medicine

    Next it will be people who are over weight and people who drink. Turkey’s social security body will not fund cancer treatment medicines for patients diagnosed with lung cancer who have ever had a smoking habit, according to a new regulation that went into effect on Feb. 3. The Social Security...
  2. S

    Receive Mail in Turkish Jail ??

    Are people that are jailed in Istanbul allowed to receive deliverable mail? I was told Internet access cost around $2000 for six months which is ridiculous I refused to pay.
  3. R

    Best satalite box to buy to receive UK channels

    We have just arrived in Didim and looking to buy satellite box to receive UK ITV And BBC channels to view our favourite programmes. Can any one recommend a company or person who can install and set up for us. There is no WiFi in the complex so IPTV not an option as yet. A simple digi box at a...
  4. PASH

    40,000 Children abroad receive child benefit?

    Personally i think this is another EU law that needs rectified ASAP - No wonder we are in the S***E Child benefit is paid to 40,000 children overseas as Osborne imposes cuts on UK families with anyone earning over £50,000 | Mail Online
  5. arrian

    What presents do you like to receive?

    now in my sixties i find that there is very little that i need, unlike when i was younger and would change my shoes, bag, coat on a whim. i hardly wear make-up any more 'cos my eyes aren't as good to see where i'm putting the stuff! as for creams and lotions, i have so many i could start my own...
  6. B

    Tapu...How long before we receive it?

    By the way,we would just like to thank everyone that have given us help and advice on these forums! We bought and signed the contract for our Turkish Home in October 2005. How long do you think it will be before we get our Tapu, and is it sent to the Estate Agency we bought through and they then...
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