1. M

    Read Receipt

    Through no fault of my own (i.e. I had no choice) I am using Hotmail for my emails. I cannot find how to ask for a Read Receipt to be appended to any emails I send. I have found how to send a receipt to anyone who emails me, but not how to ask for one for my records. Can any one help please...
  2. paddington bear

    Receipt of new Permit

    Just to let people know that the new residency card is posted to your home address and delivered to be signed for by the PTT. If you are not in it goes to the police station but no note is left by the PTT to say what they have done with the post. When I renewed mine the Police said it would...
  3. Akasya

    Receipt for Tapu Application

    Good morning, we paid for our house in full and took possession 11 months ago. we live in the U K. The house is a resale, we have a completed sales contract, and a copy of the original Tapu issued to the previous owner. I have asked the Emlak for a proof that the Tapu application has been made...
  4. A

    Row over a till receipt

    I have just had a call from someone who is staying in our apartment in Altinkum and he said on their way back from Gima they have nearly got into a fight with a guy that kept trying to get into the shopping and he eventually got the till receipt and legged it. We do use a Gima card. Can anyone...
  5. B

    Receipt for Money

    We have bought a new home in Akbuk though an estate agent working for Turkish Homes. We have paid for our new home by transfering the money into his bank account. He said that on receiving the money, he would get a receipt from his bank; he would then send it to us, and then we could put it in...
  6. J

    Get a receipt

    Hi Everyone Sitting in an internet cafe in Kusadasi all on my own. İ have been here in for 4 days but have not been enjoyıng the sunshıne as İ have been tryıng to sort out my maintenance payment. İ have had my place for a year. İ gave the first 6 months payments to my estate agent. then the...
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