1. bickern

    A very reasonable look at tax.....

    A very reasonable look at tax..... Suppose that every day, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to £100... If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something like this... The first four men (the poorest) would pay nothing. The fifth would pay £1. The...
  2. A

    Swing Chair for sale - open to reasonable offers.

    Here till Thursday so if interested just call and come and see. Colin 07850313193
  3. C

    Reasonable Emlak in Mahmutlar

    Hi, Could anyone suggest an Emlak in Mahmutlar to both sell through and put an apartment with for holiday rentals. Regards
  4. S

    A reasonable Xmas

    A scatterring of greetings for an ok Xmas and acceptable New Year to the minute minority I pass myself with on here. To the rest kiss my festive ass and bring on more rows in 2014
  5. J

    Reasonable B&B in Bodrum?

    Any suggestions on a B&B - local prices NOT tourist - lol! Pref in Bodrum, 8 nights as of 16th Nov. I have stayed in a real cool place on the way to the HUGE disco on the beach front. Goc----- or something, a proper Turkish place with water pipes etc. A great bunch of owners, very laid back...
  6. maggie

    Reasonable hotels.

    Cheap Hotels | The best hotel deals from Thomas Cook?s For the independant traveller :468bo: I have found this web site some very reasonable hotels on here. They are comming up a lot cheaper on the same hotels as advertised on more expensive holiday hotel websites. Hugs Maggie xx
  7. K

    What Do You Think Is A Reasonable Discount?

    :468bo:The cold weather has prompted me to renew my interest in looking for a holiday apartment (currently looking in Akbuk area) either new or 2nd hand. Without having a serious grasp of the market it is difficult to think what % level you shoud offer below the offer price particularly with...
  8. L

    Buying a reasonable priced LCD near Altinkum

    We are hoping to buy an LCD for the newly purchased apartment when we go in 3 weeks time. I hear that the prices are quite high though. Has anyone got any tips on purchasing a reasonably priced 32inch LCD please. In or around Altinkum. Thanks!
  9. C

    good carpenter reasonable prices wanted!

    Hi All, We have recently sold our appartment in Dalaman and brought a Villa, again in Dalaman but now we have the need to get some wardrobes. we have had some silly quotes when you look at the price of labour here! we are basically looking for pine nothing special, but no MDF! If you have any...
  10. G

    Reasonable Prices For Heathrow To Izmir

    I have just booked our summer flight over to Izmir. Having been checking prices over the past few weeks, I came across Cyprus Turkish Airlines (KTHY), and booked a 3 week flight, from heathrow to Izmir, commencing from mid August, for 2 Adults and our 5 year old daughter for less than £600...
  11. martin m

    reasonable flights

    Hi Just been having a nosey around the flight companies, and theres a lot of expensive flights around. for anyone that maybe interested heres one that in todays climate has to be called reasonable. thomas cook next wed 24th book single fare £54 then book single fare return journey week later...
  12. O

    household items for a reasonable price

    Hi there Those who live in Bodrum, Gulluk, especially Altınkum,Akbuk or somewhere near Didim: If you need any household items; from furniture,sofas,carpets etc. to home textile or electrical goods, we are here to help you get what you need for a reasonable price, delivered to your house if you...
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