1. Mushtaq

    The real reason behind the chaos in Syria?

    I think a more realistic situation than the one we have been fed via the general media I think. Syria: Ultimate Pipelineistan War
  2. bickern

    The things a man will do for a wife, if given reason.

    Husband and wife were on safari: Wife- If that cheetah catches that deer and kills it, I’m going to be absolutely heartbroken. Husband- that's nature. Don't go against it. Cheetah has to kill it to eat and survive. Wife- do something. Husband - what can I do? Wife- if the deer dies I'll...
  3. bal canavar

    World Record for Wrong Reason

    Turkey may win a Guiness book of records entry , for the largest leaders residence , palace in the world . The new AK Palace or the White house (oh the irony) beat the Kremlin , The Vatican , and Buckingham Palace for size . Built in the Ottoman Style befitting our Sultan . I just wonder if...
  4. juco

    There is a reason they are called terriers

    Not Turkey, but terriers are not called terriers for no reason.....:-) Ruthless Terrier Puppies Attack - Funny Videos at Videobash You will probably get an annoying advert first.
  5. juco

    Any reason you shouldnt marry........

    .....speak now!
  6. T

    Yet another reason why Britain is creaking at the seams.

    Unbelievable!! Latvian mother-of-ten demands bigger council house despite raking in £34k benefits | Mail Online
  7. abba

    Is this the reason Saoirse is back in Ireland?

    BBC News - Ireland's optimism at beach races and cow dung bingo
  8. arrian

    Reason to be cheerful!

    after having a rotten time of it yesterday, i didn't go to bed till 12 30, and then was up at 3 30, couldn't sleep. i've just had some wonderful news. my grandson and his partner of 11 years have finally decided to get married. i am so looking forward to it, and it was just the news i needed to...
  9. teosgirl

    Afghanistan and Iraq - the reason

    Seeing as though the US soldier thread has developed into an entirely new debate, and out of fear of it being shut down as irrelevant and off-topic, I thought I'd start a new thread where we can discuss our opinions on the reasons behind the military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, and also...
  10. teosgirl

    A reason to appreciate Jews?

    Taken from an email (if anyone wants the original slide show please PM) I hope this is OK to post. Please use Google translate if you have trouble. Muslumanlar neden gucsuz? - Dr.Faruk Saleem Dünyada yalnızca 14 milyon Yahudi var, Kuzey ve Güney Amerika'da yedi milyon, Asya'da beş milyon...
  11. suecheshireuk

    The reason perfect Dave 1949 is staying away.

    Sorry, but I just couldnt help posting this. I was talking to Dave last night and he is doing fine, and this morning I saw how much the thread had expanded regarding Daves non posting... so happily reading through, then the " heated" debate started, and it is this sort of thing that has stopped...
  12. S

    Great reason not to vote Tory!

    News Article on Yahoo! News UK.
  13. bobthenob

    crime vs reason

    The criminal activity that has been increasing over the years within the communities has not been addressing the real root to the causes of crime.The offenders will continue to prey upon the community until an ideal solution is in place to eradicate crime from our society. It is always the...
  14. KKOB

    Powercuts and Surges - A Reason !

    This could be why we keep getting powercuts and surges! Pylon Problems
  15. A

    is there a special reason?

    Is there a reason for not to using ''chat''? why dont we try to make it common?
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