1. S

    Reality check

    Before Engerland line up against lowly Lithuania can we please have a football reality check Unfortunately England fans or to be more precise the English football press are laughed at around the globe at the way they get so carried away with a result They will beat Lituania. They may hammer...
  2. lartiste22

    Hillside reality

    The truth is not accepted
  3. S

    Dire reality shows/competitions

    Big girl and I have TOTALLY different viewing preferences, ( I loathe ALL reality shows) but even she cannot tell me what in gods name is an ex prostitute doing as a judge on a dance competition???? ( Strictly Come Dancing-Craig) I dont see the connection between his previous activities and...
  4. L

    Moving to Turkey - Reality check needed

    Hi all hoping I can get some real advice on moving to turkey :) Myself, my husband and mother in law are wanting to move abroad and Turkey has been brought up, altho I have been on holiday here a few times and love it i would like to know the reality of living here. We wouldnt need to work as we...
  5. Freedom 49

    Britain 2011. Reality of Slavery!

    I've just had a look at 'Daily Mail Online' before getting my regular day's work and I'm really horified by one of the reports. I'm not one to say, ''Oh, it must be true because it's in the papers'', this time,I feel it MUST be true, otherwise it couldn't possibly be IN the papers!! Slavery in...
  6. S

    Reality check?

    Having just been hospitalised in Fethiyes Letoon Hospital (very minor ailment) amidst my discomfort and feeling sorry for myself my gut reaction was -GET ME HOME! I do genuinely feel that this does show if the chips are down my natural instinct is Irelands the place for me and not Turkey on a...
  7. jaimie

    The essence of reality!

    Hi Everyone, Nowt to do with Turkey this one, but certainly got me thinking. Was watching a programme on the nature of reality, and it seems that if single photons of light (but could be anything) know, sense, or however they do it; think they are being watched they behave differently than...
  8. John O' Dreams

    Alternate Reality

    We really do live in parallel universe, only ours' is poor By Robert McNeill I've been thinking about alternate reality. Please do not be alarmed. Alternate reality isn't really real. Readers: "It isn't alternate reality that alarms us. It's the idea that you've been thinking. No good will...
  9. perfect1949

    if you had the chance of going into a reality show which one would you chose

    i would chose i,m a celbrity get me out of here , just love the bush tucker trials . dave
  10. ceemac

    10 Stage Plan for Making Your Dream of a New Life Abroad a Reality

    It’s all very well having a dream of a life in a new location abroad – I mean, the dream can fill all your waking hours whilst you daydream about what it could be like, what it would be like – but surely far more satisfying would be if you could make that dream come true right? Here C
  11. Hotmama

    Zone Reality Channel on Digiturk

    Is it me or has this channel gone? I was watching it on Tuesday but this evening channel 86 is missing. It's not the end of world but I have the cheapskates package & that was one of my precious English language channels. Anyone know anything about this? Tamzin XXX PS This is my first time...
  12. immac

    Foreign Spouse Reality Show

    From ZAMAN: The foreign-spouse realitiy show: fitting in with the family Sometimes the requests for interviews that I receive amaze me. Recently I was notified of a new reality-type show that is looking for foreign spouses to compete on how well they have assimilated into Turkish culture...
  13. D

    MacAnthony Reality

    Hey guys ......What a great site. Can anyone offer me any advice on Macanthony Reality. We have purchased a 2 bed Appartment be the side the new golf resort Complex in Bodrum (Vita Park Golf). We have never bought before abroad, but are hoping we can rent over the summer. What do you guys...
  14. shirleyanntr

    reality of health care in turkey

    Mubeccel is eleven years old, a beautiful sweet child. Five years ago she developed rheumatic infection that can damage heart valves. For four years i gave her a penicillin injection every month (universal standard prophylactic treatment). Last winter the family moved to Antakya and...
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