1. ted j

    Realistic looking scam

    Just got the email below in my junk folder this morning (I clear it out regularly, making sure no important emails are sent there by mistake ) It looks quite authentic and at first glance , I thought WTF as we cancelled our Virgin account last year when we moved , I thought bmaybe we had missed...
  2. Helenm150

    Pessimistic or realistic?

    This is the view of someone very close to me: "As for investing in Turkey, I would not invest a bent penny in that place. Your investment into the Turkish housing market nearly came a cropper (he means because the developer did a runner with my money - but I did move to Turkey to find him and...
  3. no-nem

    Realistic rentals

    Anybody looking for long term rentals at Turkish rates should look at you can choose the area etc. I found loads starting from 250ytl to 700ytl per month. Obviously it is in Turkish, but you still get the general idea.
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