1. gam101

    Real Estate agent references

    Loaded with inquiries today! :28: Could someone please recommend reliable (with an emphasis on trustworthy) real estate agents in the Beylikduzu/Esenyurt/Avcilar area please? Much obliged!
  2. J

    Looking for a good (trust worth) real estate company, and separate lawyer

    Hello there, i am interested in moving to Ankara, Turkey. I plan on buying property and subsequently apply citizenship for my family (wife + 4 kids) through the citizenship by investment program. can anyone suggest: 1) a real state (trustworthy) company with vast networks in Ankara that can...
  3. E

    The real state of the economy The storey is about 4 people from Istanbul 2 sisters and 2 brothers taking cyanide because of dept .
  4. RedBloodedHound

    Real Man ?

    Wow you must be a real man ( Neanderthal ) Bristow. Eric Bristow: Ex-darts champion loses Sky role for football sex abuse comments - BBC Sport
  5. S

    The REAL questions we need answered

    Des losing interest (possibly the will to live) in a allegedly hot topic brought home to me there's actual questions sod all to do with politics, religion, Turkey etc which we do need answering So I thought I would start such a thread. It's in the back room as anything goes on this one I will...
  6. teosgirl

    Aksoy Bodrum real estate project

    Turkey?s energy giant announces new real estate project in bid to diversify business - ENERGY Seems a brave move considering the current situation - perhaps they know something we don't know. Charlotte
  7. Mushtaq

    The real reason behind the chaos in Syria?

    I think a more realistic situation than the one we have been fed via the general media I think. Syria: Ultimate Pipelineistan War
  8. juco

    Fake or real?

  9. bal canavar

    real estate scams alienate foreigners from Turkey

    New article in Today's Zaman I thought people might like to read. Frequent real estate scams alienate foreigners from Turkey Frequent problems and fraudulent activity relating to real estate across Turkey, in coastal tourist regions in particular, have alienated foreigners wanting to purchase...
  10. maggie

    7 years without a real Christmas

    I would like to wish all of you a very Happy Christmas . This will be our first real Christmas after seven years of living in Turkey and our return to the U.K. Wherever you spend your Christmas I hope for you it will be all that you wish for and more . Hugs and Love to you all . Maggie xxxxx
  11. Jaycey

    Is the Lagarfljótsormur Actually Real?

    Is the Lagarfljótsormur Actually Real? .... "In 2012, a shaky video made it from the shores of an Icelandic lake to the international media, and now the majority of a 13-person panel says it shows a mythical sea monster. The panel’s motives have been questioned. Iceland Sea Monster...
  12. Jaycey

    Is this for real???

    "London: The Metropolitan Police in London has accepted Hijab as a uniform option for Muslim women serving in the force. The announcement was made at a conference on the theme of “Protect and Respect: Everybody’s Benefit”. The move is seen as a further sign of official acceptance of Britain as a...
  13. Freedom 49

    Is This For Real??

    :crazy: True or not, I feel happier not being a McD fan!! I'll stick to the local butcher's where I'm fairly certain that I'm still lamb, beef or goat. There again, would I even recognise human meat joints? The mind boggles!!! :redface: Human Meat Found In...
  14. S

    Finally- a REAL statesman at Westminster

    Westminster to have a Gandhi statue -
  15. T

    Trolls - Are they Real?

    Apparently there are all sorts of Trolls nowadays, no more that ugly, wicked little bloke who hid under a bridge, waiting to pounce & surprise you!.......... Real 'Trolls' are usually anonymous, some are just pesky little stirrer's with nothing better to do! But there is now (apparently) a...
  16. P

    Real Estate Agencies in Izmir

    I think I previously posted this under the wrong category. Sorry, kind of new here. I'm looking for a place to rent in Alsancak for about a month, but am weary of real estate agencies after a bad experience. How trustworthy do you consider the real estate agents on Hurriyet Emlak to be? I'm...
  17. 1

    The real world cup - hockey in the Netherlands

    Anyone watching this on Sky Sports? These players (just the women) put footballers to shame on the quick recoveries they make! England ladies lost today (ranked 3rd in world) to USA (10th) Just watched the (men) Kiwis (blacksticks) beat S Korea, now, Argentina v RSA (women) Takes me back to...
  18. abba

    Real Madrid wins Champions League

    Congratulations to Real Madrid. Great game but felt so sorry for Athletico not to have held on for another two minutes.
  19. beyazbayan

    A real man

    Soldier buys Bosnian boy new £100,000 FACE after being moved by his terrible facial deformities Read more: Soldier buys Bosnian boy new £100,000 FACE after being moved by his terrible facial deformities | Mail Online
  20. Dreamy

    Working within real estate in Turkey?

    Hi again I have contacted some Norwegian real estate companies to find out about the possibilities of working there. Does anyone have any experience with that type of jobs? Can you survive on the salary? I don`t have any plans to become rich, I just want to live in Alanya and be able to feed...
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