1. juco

    Scotland ready to kick off, hogmany

    Scotland, just a wee warm up before it starts proper....
  2. pembelu

    haliflex / ready carpet-no idea actual sqm 2 x rolls

    i dont know the sizes but cost alot new. used for around 3m in winter now no longer needed sold as 2 rolls 100tl central koycegiz collection. its clean
  3. T

    SYRIA: We are ready to discuss AUTONOMY for ROJAVA

    The Syrian government has taken a step regarding autonomy for Rojava. As the civil war continues in its fourth year, the Minister for the “National Reconciliation Ministry” which was set up to develop dialogue between the government and opposition groups has said they would negotiate autonomy...
  4. immac

    Custard - Ready Made

    New to me at least is ready made custard in 500ml packs on sale in Migros. Very nice too: made by Pinar under name of Kremilla; around 5TL. I have Birds Custard Powder, which is of course very nice if in the mood to make it, but this is very handy. Ian ps it is in the milk section
  5. Yalides

    Ready to die

    Immigrants 'ready to die' to get to Britain because of 'huge benefit handouts', says Mayor of Calais | Daily Mail Online Perhaps we should throw in free holidays abroad with full pay.
  6. Jaycey

    Has Russia gone Rogue?

    Articles: Has Russia Gone Rogue? Information revealed last week indicates that it has, and that because of the reckless weakness of Barack Obama, America now faces a neo-Soviet Russian bear primed for aggression, just as in the era of the USSR…
  7. bickern

    Erdoğan's son ready to testify over graft probe

    A lawyer said Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's son "is ready to testify" to prosecutors in a probe that had been stalled after police allegedly refused to bring him for questioning on prosecutors' orders. POLITICS - Turkish PM Erdo?an's son ready to testify over graft probe: Lawyer...
  8. Mushtaq

    FOR SALE - Android TV Box - XBMC Configured and ready to use

    I have a few of these boxes available, have been using one for few weeks and it's been great, haven't watched SKY or normal TV since. :wow: While stocks last TLF member price is only £67.95 inc UK recorded P&P For those of you not familiar with this type of box, it's essentially an Android...
  9. shirleyanntr

    İs the PKK ready to take up arms again

    The PKK leadership is considering a response to the much vaunted 'democratization package ' which they say has not gone far enough. They accuse the government of electioneering by throwing a few crumbs down. They have said hey will issue a statement responding to the 'package' next week...
  10. juco

    The banks are ready to rob us...legally!

    Well they have really stitched us up this time. Did anyone notice the new law that has been passed by the EU, the jist of it is that future bank collapses will not be bailed out by the taxpayers it will be down to the creditors and the owners. Creditors = taxpayers = account holders = you and...
  11. T

    Porridge Oats and Ready Brek

    Hi All Does any one know is it possible to buy porridge and ready brek in the Dalyan/Ortaca area? Thanks :)
  12. T


    I understand - from KTLN - that its now possible to buy a 90/180 visa online, thereby obviating the need to queue at your airport of arrival. I don't know when this began - but it seems an excellent idea. Interested to know if anyone has used it yet... Link:
  13. A

    Iran announced that ready to help the US

    The Islamic Republic of Iran on Wednesday offered to provide the US with rescue and relief assistance hours after superstorm Sandy battered the US East coast. Fars News Agency :: Iran Offers Help to Victims of Sandy Hurricane in US Iran offers help to the North American people, despite all...
  14. JOHNYH

    Tanks at the Ready.

    Turkish tanks are now in formation on the border with syria, we watch & wait while the world holds it's breath. As turkey is part of Nato & Syria is backed by Rusia and Iran what next ?. Lets hope it all blows over. Johnyh.
  15. culturevulture

    Ready steady cook bread maker....???

    I have a ready steady cook bread maker, but unfortunately the recipe book is back in Ireland. Does anyone have one and be willing to scan me the recipes or know where I can get them. I have tried "googling" it, but am having no luck. At the moment I am just guessing the ingredient amounts...
  16. tykatem

    Irish ready for Islam!

    According to the following article in The Irish Independant Al-Qaeda thought they had a cunning plan:- OSAMA bin Laden was urged by a fellow leading al-Qa'ida member to send a message to the Irish people to urge them to convert to Islam. New files removed from Bin Laden's compound reveal how...
  17. arrian

    ready to make christmas cake

    my daughter tells me that tesco has reduced the price of the ready to make christmas cake kit, it has been reduced from £10 to £3 00! i wonder why? i haven't made a christmas cake for some time, but i wouldn't buy a kit when i enjoy my own finished result.
  18. M

    Brand new MIHO is coming! Get ready!

    Hello everybody! Hope you are OK! Im just have registred in TLF end I deadly happy about it. But I have to sleep couple of hours so goodbye everybody. God bless you!
  19. B

    Magnolia - habitation certificate is also ready

    Hello to all at Magnolia! I know that a lot of you have already taken your Title deeds and only few of the new buyers are waiting for the military check. I think the military check will be ready in one month. Also I would like to let you know that the Habitation Certificate is also ready for...
  20. B

    Sun Gate - habitation certificate is ready

    Hello to all! I know that a lot of you have already signed and taken your Title deeds and only few of the new buyers are waiting for the military check. I think the military check will be ready in one month. Also I would like to let you know that the Habitation Certificate is also ready for Sun...
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