1. G

    Crime fiction novel author reads from his book

    Who: George Ellington, US author and professor of English and Anthropology at Salt Lake City Community College reads and signs his newest crime fiction novel on an informal evening at lovely Gümüş Bahçe, a cultural center for the arts, literature and social gatherings of the open minded. When...
  2. Sunny Seasider

    Holiday Reads

    I always treat myself to a couple of new books for my holiday. I don't think I'm going to be disappointed with one that I bought, and so looking forward to reading. I like Dorothy Koomson books especially for relaxation/holiday reading, and her latest novel The Ice Cream Girls has excellent...
  3. Sniffy

    Top Reads you just can't put down

    Hi All... I know I have read on here about some amazing reads - and I have looked but I can't find the thread! Any way - I am looking to put together a list of 'Page Turners'. The ones you simply cannot put down. I am sure many peeps are the same and when they are heading away would love a...
  4. Trevor

    holiday reads

    Thought I would start this off - what did/are you going to read on your holidays? I read The Davinci code - couldn't put it down and cant wait for the film starring Tom Hanks. Lesley
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