1. bickern

    Google lets companies read your Gmail

    GOOGLE has admitted it's still letting companies read your emails – but no longer scans them itself, but it used to. These companies are able to snoop on the sender and recipient, the time the email was sent, and even the contents of the email. Worse still, Google even allows these outsider...
  2. M

    Read Receipt

    Through no fault of my own (i.e. I had no choice) I am using Hotmail for my emails. I cannot find how to ask for a Read Receipt to be appended to any emails I send. I have found how to send a receipt to anyone who emails me, but not how to ask for one for my records. Can any one help please...
  3. S

    Current Irish Politics-Warning do not read if you're easily bored or not au fait!

    Sleepy thought it best we kept this to our own thread Anyways I bet Shinners are praying Snarlene doesn't resign!!!!!
  4. V

    Interesting Read

    A long read from The Guardian but interesting.
  5. shirleyanntr

    why didnt i read the instructions

    yesterday i bought a smartphone. i couldn't wait to get home and get it out of the box :9: it looked lovely shiny and new,:9: but..i couldn't get the back of the case off :redface: i really struggled but just broke my nails trying.. :redface: so i peered at the little diagram on how to...
  6. S

    Diets-always read carefully!!!!

    Man's ridiculous interpretation of the 'Special K' diet see him eating 8000 calories a day
  7. LyndaW

    How often electric meters are read in Alanya?

    Does anyone now how often we get electric meter read in Alanya....I know it used to be every 2 months or has it changed to monthly Thanks Lynda
  8. Mojive

    Who loves Marmite read this!

    Now I love Marmite always bring it with me on my holidays to Turkey cant get enough of it!!Not so keen on the ole Irn Bru though to be honest! BBC News - Canada 'orders Briton to stop selling Marmite and Irn Bru' Mo xx
  9. beyazbayan

    Please read this

    Avaaz - The world's worst punishment for rape?
  10. beyazbayan

    Urgent read

    Two friends recently returned from the UK have had their bank accounts hacked and substantial monies taken check your accounts. Their hackers used the names of major telephone companies and started with small amounts.
  11. S

    Appreciate any help. Please read

    This maybe a long shot. Many expats have left Turkey and moved to Bulgaria.If like me you still keep in contact with friends, you maybe able to give some advice. This is Very Urgent. Did any of your friends own a Silver Peugeot Estate Uk plated starting V8. The police need the full registration...
  12. perfect1949

    how many of us have read fifty shads of gray

    i don't think it's just a woman's book , and i can't wait for the film to be released , who do you think will be Mr Gray in the film . my money is on Leonardo DiCaprio . dave
  13. John O' Dreams

    The Bullets Read U.S. of A.

    Suffering - at home and abroad We can’t feel sympathy for all the suffering in the world. There’s just too much of it and too little room in our heads and hearts. Despite that we do feel the pain of some, which is good. Others we choose to ignore, which is less good. Take last week. A young...
  14. v6cod

    Important Please Read

    Please read the article on the link below Feeding of Turtles in Dalyan Delta and then sign the petition please. The sooner this practice can be stopped the better. Thank you.
  15. bickern

    first Briton to have a sex change operation is awarded an MBE

    Cabin boy who became first Briton to have a sex change operation is awarded an MBE for services to transgender equality | Mail Online I an not commenting or getting involved in the subject of transsexuals but this person has been involved in a few scandals and now awarded a MBE. To me the...
  16. culturevulture

    Absolutely priceless!!! A must read article.

    This guys wife is on the pigs back for evermore. Ha ah ha ha :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: Russian man walks out on his wife's cooking and ends up surviving on berries and leaves for a month | Mail Online Mary.
  17. bickern

    Important: Please read this notice.

  18. perfect1949

    have a read this is from voices

    Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Consul informs expats dave
  19. shirleyanntr

    has anyone read this book

    i had this article in my mail this morning and it sounds interesting..the book "Kirk Diken," "Forty Thorns" was published last year i havent seen it and wonder how it reads. apparently its become a best seller in Turkey and is in both Turkish and English the write is 71 and its her first...
  20. Firefox

    Redknapp cant read or write

    It shows the managing many top of British Football team has an education similar to a 2 year old. BBC News - Harry Redknapp: 'I write like a two-year-old'
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