1. tykatem

    Iranian reactor explosion

    A mysterious blast reported to have been heard in the western Iranian city of Isfahan on Monday was caused by an accident during a nearby military drill, an Iranian official said. Reports of the explosion garnered much attention earlier Monday, as a result of the fact that Isfahan is also home...
  2. mrkeith

    Iran begins loading first nuclear reactor

    I have been trying to work out the significance of this reactor and in doing so have gone through the Turkish press quite diligently and found no articles on it what so ever though I am not saying there aren't any. The BBC have it as their main story, I checked a greek paper no mention, it does...
  3. D

    Nuclear Reactor in Akkuyu

    Four Foreign Companies Interested in Turkish Nuclear Tender By Ayla Jean Yackley and Ali Berat Meric April 7 (Bloomberg) -- Four foreign companies have sought tender documents for Turkey's first nuclear power license since the auction was opened two weeks ago. Potential bidders including...
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