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    Charity Bikers Reach Dalyan

    Dalyan will tomorrow welcome two UK motorbike riders who will cross the finishing line at the end of their 2,000 mile sponsored trip in aid of Macmillan Cancer Relief. Martin Woodnett and his friend Malcolm Robertson are expected to arrive in Dalyan tomorrow, Friday 27 May at between 1230 and...
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    Pompey reach the FA Cup again

    Pompey won the cup in 2008 and after a drama on TV this afternoon they knocked Spurs out of the competition. Money cant always buy success. Yesterday Pompey were relegated from the Premier league after the FA deducted nine points but ,today they reach the FA Cup final against all the odds. Sweet...
  3. ceemac

    Turkish ad campaign attempts to reach out to Israelis

    Turkey unveiled a $2 million advertising campaign on Wednesday, designed to attract Israeli tourists to the country. However, with an ongoing boycott by Israeli labor unions in place, it may be an uphill battle. Tourism to Turkey from the Jewish state plunged 44 percent in 2009 from its peak in...
  4. ceemac

    Portsmouth Reach Crisis Point

    This is hard to believe that a team in England's top tier is in this situation. 'The Portsmouth players called in their trade union yesterday to demand assurances from the club that their unpaid wages would be paid by the end of the week. The Professional Footballers' Association was told that...
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    How to reach Bodrum from Antalya?

    How to reach Bodrum from Antalya? Thanks
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    hotel easy reach of Adnan Menderes Airport

    Hi Can any one recommend a hotel for one night stop over near or easy reach of the airport by car. Going to Ikea following day before driving to Bodrum. Thanks Ron
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