1. oldfogy

    UK taxation rate

    Whilst we have to pay to make up the difference of the extra 5% from our Turkish interest, what is /was the situation when last year Turkey cut the interest rate 15% down to 5% & even 3%, do we then have to pay the UK treasury the difference of 15% or 17%.
  2. Jaycey

    How do you rate your healthcare?

    I’ve had a minor problem with a subcutaneous cyst – nothing serious, just irritating so this morning I decided to do something about it. Went directly to our local government surgical hospital (never been there before) and explained the problem at the reception desk. Within minutes the senior...
  3. S

    Bank Interest Rate Offer

    Just a quickie. I am going to leave the HSBC and take my balance to another Turkish bank. They are simply not doing enough to keep their loyal customers in my opinion. The best I can get from them for 100000TL is 20% ( they are offering 27.5% for new customers). I am interested in hearing about...
  4. T

    Interest rate ın Zıraat and other banks

    Hey Does anybody know about the interest of the vadeli hesap in Ziraat Bankasi? Two years ago it gave me 8 percent as far as I remembered for 10000 tl. It means that, every month it pays extra money for my main account. 65 tl for months with 30 days. It is not a yearly vadeli and the advantage...
  5. C

    Exchange Rate

    What is the current exchange rate please. We can 4.4 in the UK:25:
  6. Helenm150

    Yearly inflation rate of food and non-alcoholic prices in Turkey

    "It is evident that Turkey’s food prices were on a constant steady rise between the years 2003–2015. In the twelve year period food prices in the world have seen % 69.5 increase, as for Turkey % 195 as of August 2016. When we look at this year alone food prices in Turkey have risen % 7.8 as for...
  7. christella

    interest rate

    rate has just been halved to .25in england
  8. Leo

    Interest rate

    Hi folks, looking for some guidance. Preparing for our move to Turkey and looking for best interest rate for our money in Turkey. Happy to keep this in pounds, euros or TL. Not interested in exchange rates etc, as this is a permanent move. Thanks
  9. N

    lower rate

    the new banking guv of turkey has cut rates as expected to toe the line with what the government wanted
  10. R

    Daily pay rate

    Does anyone know what the normal daily rate should be to paint inside of apartment in Bodrum area.
  11. K

    interest rate Ak bank

    Hi everyone anyone know what the interest rate is and has been for the last 4 months, been in nick for 4 months and the barrister wants his ackers.
  12. immac

    2015 Unemployment Rate 10.3%

    From Zaman: Extract: "Turkish unemployment increased slightly to 10.3 percent in September from 10.1 percent the month before, government data revealed on Tuesday, with the figure hitting a six-month high." Full: September unemployment rate hits 6-month high at 10.3 percent Ian
  13. Y

    Current Exchange Rates

    Hi all we are due out in the next couple of weeks for our final visit of the year. Can anyone tell me what the current local exchange rate is. 4.41 seems to be the best available in the UK at the moment. thanks
  14. T

    Efes and the exchange rate.

    What are the prices like for beer since the increase in exchange rates (thinking Efes as that's my favorite)? Last time we were there the ex rate was 2.82 and Efes was aroung 6-8 Lira - I know that prices tend to alter to cater for the change in ex rates. Although we are AI this year we still...
  15. juco

    Poor TL exchange rate

    I was just thinking (probably badly) more for those that have smaller amounts of money in Turkish banks and have been caught out by the poor exchange rate if converting back to Sterling would it be wise to take some of the TL and buy gold in Turkey or is that just adding to the risk? Anyone got...
  16. A

    Bank rate

    Hello. There used to be a link to find interest rate being paid by Turkish banks but I can't find it. Anyone help?
  17. suzyq

    Early rate cut scenario sends lira to all-time low

    The Turkish lira weakened to as low as 2.4188 against the US dollar, an all-time low, on Thursday due to expectations that the Central Bank will cut interest rates at an extraordinary Monetary Policy Committee (PPK) meeting to be held as early as next week. The lira fell for the fifth day in a...
  18. kemerkid

    Exchange rate indicator.

    This morning I have noticed that the exchange rate, usually displayed on the left of the page is missing. This is the second irregularity I have noticed over the last couple of days. The other item is double posting. When a post is complete and posted, a message is displayed telling you that you...
  19. Sweetnighter

    Interest Rate Increase

    ......just noticed that Garanti have increased their rates......not by much but "every little helps".....
  20. C

    Exchange rate in Didim, Altinkum

    Hi, Does anyone know what the exchange rate is at the moment in Altinkum for GBP?
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