1. bal canavar

    Rare blood-red lunar eclipse

    The “Super Moon,” a rare, blood-red lunar eclipse that last occurred in 1982 and won’t occur again until 2033, will be visible from Turkey early on Sept. 28 between 3:10 a.m. local time (12:10 a.m. GMT) and 6:30 a.m. local time (3:30 a.m. GMT). A “Super Moon,” sometimes also referred to as a...
  2. M

    Stunning, Rare vintage Ethnic Turkish Yoruk Tribal costume dress and helmet

    Stunning, Rare vintage Ethnic Turkish Yoruk Tribal costume dress and helmet RARE VINTAGE YORUK TRIBAL COSTUME CHILD'S TURKISH COSTUME DRESS AND ADULT HELMET - Vintage Turkish Yoruk Tribal Costume, decorated with coins and shells which has been used as a Wall Hanging Child's Dress/Tabbard and...
  3. S

    Very rare footage- Belfast in 1901

    An amazing clip of city life filmed from a horse drawn tram going through Belfast in 1901 Video: Rare footage of 1901 tram ride down Belfast's Royal Avenue - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
  4. suzyq

    Rare hyena species sighted in Şırnak

    A rare species of hyaena hyaena, or striped hyena, has been sighted in the eastern province of Şırnak by motion-triggered cameras that were placed in the region as part of studies into wildlife in the region. ANIMALS - Rare hyena species sighted in ??rnak
  5. ZiaCa'

    Rare Giant Devil Rays

    ...spotted in Fethiye Bay...hopefully by the time I go swimming, I will have forgotten about them! Fethiye Times.com | Rare Giant Devil Rays Spotted in the Gulf of Fethiye
  6. pineapple1

    Police Guard Rare Flower

    This is a really really pretty flower , But why tell everyone where it is Such a shame its become so rare .............Diane .. Police guard rare flower - Yahoo! News UK
  7. D

    Horse No 4 for Sale (RARE American Quarter Horse)

    A rare chance to own a Western Quarter. These horses are american and very rare in Turkey. see link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Quarter_Horse#Colors or http://www.aqha.com Name - TEASING SUSIE - Born 1992 - 1.55m. Chestnut. Fully Trained...
  8. Andy

    Rare Condition

    I Have a Rare Condition ******************* A man and woman are seated next to each other on a plane. After takeoff, the woman violently sneezes and excuses herself to go to the bathroom... so the man stands up to let her out. She returns, and 15 minutes later she sneezes again big time, and...
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