1. yalimart

    Cyprus Gang Rape Case

    So she was found guilty of causing public mischief - should the verdict be accepted ? Should she be named to protect others falling for her false accusations ? Maybe the court had the fear of being accused of anti semitism in mind when they found in favour of the accused boys or did they have...
  2. bal canavar

    Outrage over GOVT motion

    It is now more than obvious which direction (backwards) the AKP is taking the country away from the secular Republic to tribalism .....by the recent bill introduced and supported and enabled by the MHP .... Outrage over AKP motion said to let abusers avoid prosecution if they marry child...
  3. bickern

    How a girl can ruin you legally just by accusing you of rape.

    Just make a sexual or rape allegation and the alleged perpetrator is ruined but the accuser is safely protected; especially if the allegation is against a male. The law should give equal anonymity by default with a judges discretion being able to make it publicly know, say if by being made...
  4. bickern

    Court sentences gang rape victim to 200 lashes

    This is totally disgusting, what sort of people are these that can hand out judgements like this and sleep nights? ------------------------------------------------------- “According to Sharia Law, a Saudi Arabian woman must be accompanied by a male guardian at all times in public, something...
  5. K

    'Legalise Rape' movement

    Where has this come from? Where is this going? 'Legal rape' blogger boasts he'll flout travel ban as crisis group slams meeting plan - Life & Style - NZ Herald News
  6. teosgirl

    Rape culture

    UN: Woman Or Child Raped Every 26 Seconds On another thread we've been discussing the fact that in some communities rape and abuse of women is almost an accepted occurrence. The UN report published today seems to suggest that it's a way of life in some regions of the world. I always assumed...
  7. bickern

    Man arrested in Slovakia over Beeston rape

    I am really glad they caught this scumbag. --------------------------------------------------------------------- A 21-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the rape and attempted murder of a woman in Beeston. Police tracked him down on a European arrest warrant The Slovakian...
  8. B

    Anonymity on Rape Charges.

    BBC News - MP Pritchard urges review of rape anonymity after case dropped I have, for a long time, maintained that if the victim is to be granted anonymity, then that right should also apply to the defendant,(regardless of who they are) at least until they...
  9. Ceni

    Rape guru visiting the UK

    I know it's nothing to do with Turkey or Turkish living but quite a few of you will have sisters and/or daughters who are in the UK. I have no idea how to make that bit below into a link so If a mod would like to doctor it for me I would appreciate it. If you have a mum or sister or daughter...
  10. tykatem

    Libyan troops rape man

    Libyan troops rape man in Cambridge Libyan troops in court after being charged with rape of man in Cambridge park Two Libyan cadets were remanded in custody today after being charged with the rape of a man in Cambridge. The case came on the same day that three other Libyan soldiers appeared...
  11. Spurs

    Ched Evans cleared of rape charges

    Its not a case of did he do it, he was convicted of rape & at this moment in time that conviction stands. Its not about his early release because that was really out of his control, assuming a parole boards decision. Its about, is it right for him to step back into such a high profile & highly...
  12. S

    False rape accusation

    In this neck of the woods a recommendation for substantial increase in penalties for this vile crime is being considered Its a deplorable act which ruins lives
  13. teosgirl

    Victim of rape, becomes victim of slow judicial process

    LOCAL - Turkish victim of alleged rape demands urgent action to have abortion Sad and shocking treatment by the state authorities. Charlotte
  14. beyazbayan

    India Bus Gang Rape Suspect Found Hanged

    Well can't say İwill mourn his passing.
  15. John O' Dreams

    Rape is everywhere

    Rape is everywhere and taken seriously nowhere We don't know the name of the 23-year-old student who was raped and killed on a city bus in Delhi. We do know that, after getting on a bus home after watching a film with a friend, she was tortured so badly that she lost her intestines. The death...
  16. niyaz

    Delhi gang rape

    She was 23 and going to get married soon Her fault was that she boarded the wrong bus Six men raped her one by one and then used an iron rod to tear her vagina- Small intestine and large intestine came out They left her to die on the road Naked, wounded and exposed No one even bothered to...
  17. shirleyanntr

    13 year old rape victim given to rapist

    this makes sickening disturbing reading. its outrageous it makes me so angry Can anybody really understand how a country that presents a modern face to the world allows this behaviour in its backyard. not only was it just a family affair things were decided by a village council to stop a...
  18. teosgirl

    Trial of group rape case of underage girl begins

    LOCAL - Rape case to begin amid legal concerns Another sad story. What continues to confuse me is how the prison terms for those convicted in the previous case of group rape were reduced, considering the legal age of consent is 15 years of age. How can someone below that age consent to sex...
  19. Summertime

    Rape in Didim

    Does anybody have any information about this? Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Rape of Norwegian: Suspect detained
  20. R

    British Soldiers accused of rape of two 10 yr old Kids

    Report: UK soldiers rape Afghan kids Wed Jan 18, 2012 3:51PM GMT File photo shows a British soldier in Musa Qala, Helmand Province. Two British soldiers fighting in Afghanistan have been accused of raping two children aged ten in the war-ravaged country, a report has revealed. UK officials...
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