1. teosgirl

    UK education ranks 6th in the world

    20 Best Education Systems In The World ? MBC Times It's interesting to see that we beat all other EU countries (except Finland). It's sad to see Turkey didn't even make the top 20 although I'm not surprised. Charlotte
  2. qwerty

    International Rankings. OECD Ranks UK Schools Low.

    OK. Brace yourselves, tis a DM article!! But have a look at the OECD rankings information. If it is correct, then high schools in UK are not doing very well. They blame the bad reading on use of computers - but surely the kids in the Asian countries use them too? Why does the school system...
  3. ceemac

    Turkey ranks second-worst in European unemployment

    Increasing unemployment has put Turkey in the second-worst place in Europe, behind Spain, a study showed Wednesday. Recently announced figures showed that Turkey's jobless rate rose three percentage points since 2008 to 14 percent. Spain was worst hit by 18 percent unemployment rate. Here C
  4. merlin

    English woman ranks top in tax returns list....

    An English woman working in real-estate ranked top in the annual tax returns list in Didim, Aydin. Clare Walker-Tatlici, 34, who has been married to her Turkish husband, Nedret Tatlici for seven years, has been living in Turkey for the last 12 years. "I make out an invoice for everything I do,"...
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