1. T

    Selling My Range Rover

    Hey guys, I am selling my 57 plate Left Hand Drive Range Rover Sport 2.7 TDV6 currently driving near İzmir. Staying permit can be renewed for 2 years if anyones interested. If doesnt sell I will have to drive it back a long journey If you need any further info please pm me
  2. bal canavar

    Made in China

    Erdogan has decided to snub his Nato partners and especially America by choosing a Chinese firm for missile system CPMIEC $4bn long-range air and missile defence system knowing it will not be possible for it to be Integrated with the NATO defence system. It will now not be possible to...
  3. overmars

    Long Range Wifi antennas

    Our development has no municipal internet and the management was considering installing it. The land is about 0.8km x 0.3km, but very hilly. What's the best option here? At the moment people are buying wireless USB dongles. Is long-range wifi feasible, how are the networks here in Turkey? What...
  4. N

    golf driving range

    we want to know if a driving range is near dalyan please if not would it be a good idea to have one available in near future
  5. M

    Free range in Altinkum?

    Does anyone know where we can get free range chiken around altinkum/didim. We have tried asking almost every shopinthe area and they had noidea what wewere talking about.In one instance the shop assisstant thought we wanted to have the chiken for free.I know Migros do free range eggs but not...
  6. jandj

    Long range weather forecast

    About this time last year, people were warned about the summer weather and very high temperatures were predicted. The forecast was proved correct. So far the weather appears to be very mixed, and I wondered if anyone has any idea what the locals are predicting for this year.
  7. gerald

    Giant UFO filmed at close range in Turkey

    I haven't seen anything like this since I infiltrated the human race over 50years ago..... Giant UFO filmed at close range in Turkey Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com Turkey is definitely one of the world's great UFO hot spots. Many believe one of at least five Eurasian UFO highway...
  8. R

    Wanted - used 50cm kitchen range

    I'm furnishing a small apartment in Patara with a very small kitchen. I know that most kitchen ranges available here are 60cm x 60cm, but 50x60 ones exist. I know that even 50x50 ranges are available. One of these 50x50 ranges would fit perfectly. Please contact me if you have one for sale...
  9. altinkum kev

    Range master LPG

    This Range master is full LPG just what you need in Turkey ,new kitchen is the reason for sale £1000 can deliver.same as library photo
  10. B

    Golf Driving Range and Paintball centre

    Has anyone been to the Driving Range or Paintball Centres just outside Datca. I passed 2 signs the last time I drove from Datca to Marmaris which advertised the range which was signposted to the left and another sign which advertised paintballing to the right. If anyone has been to either...
  11. merlin

    Sony Laptop FS Range Help

    Model VGN-FS115Z Trying to establish whether this model has wireless built in. I cant fire it up as I am waiting for a charger to be delivered :lol: Its like Christmas morning with no batteries :-) Merv!
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