1. T

    Random question: Boarding Passes

    Maybe i posted in the wrong forum.... Everytime I travelled with Turkish Airlines from UK to Istanbul, and ive had to drop my suitcase, ( bearing in mind i already checked in online and printed the boarding passes ) why do they tear up the bording pass and give me a crappy paper one? anydeas...
  2. maggie

    Random playing !!!

    He who must be listenned to has a problem with his cd player its started to play tracks randomly !!!!Any ideas how to get them to play in order please??????thanks hugs maggie xxx
  3. M

    Random text messages or answerphone messages

    Whats the funniest text or answerphone message that you've received? I once got a message on my answerphone from an older sounding woman and she said " Hi it's only me ,I spoke to dad today,he's ok,he's in an open prison now but he's a bit peed off coz he cant wear his own clothes":hehe: Meah
  4. Mushtaq

    Random Thoughts and Pondering......

    The greatest tragedy in life is to spend your whole life fishing only to discover that it was not fish you were after. —Henry David Thoreau :hmm:
  5. D

    Random 7.30 Lira Charge from AYDEME ELEKTRİK

    Hi All, Just checked my bank account and Aydeme have made a random charge in March of 7.30 Lira, after no bill since3 Sept. Obv we haven't been out there, and it's less then £3 so hardly worth bothering anyone about but i'm just wondering if this is normal practice as weve never had an...
  6. shirleyanntr

    a few more random phrases

    Here are a few more random phrases and a little bit of explanations here and there to help those of you who are learning the grammar. anlamadım..(Ma negative) i don't understand Daha yavaş söyleyebilir misin?..söyle-y-ebil-ir... Can you speak more slowly Lütfen bir daha söyleyebilir misin...
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