1. IbrahimAbi

    Ramazan Karim

    To all who are celebrating the Holy Month. I hope that all may find peace and goodwill.
  2. P

    Think of the animals during ramazan

    I do not often post as you will know but I am asking people to remember the street animals during this celebration time as the weather is very warm in parts of Turkey. If you can feed and water any you see wondering about it will be so good. Thank you for reading.
  3. P


    hi all, we are in Yalikavak first 2 weeks in July which is a couple of weeks ;later than usual. couple of questions I understand the religious period of Ramazon will take place during our stay, is there anything I should be aware of? When I worked in middle East Ramadan was fairly strict even...
  4. M

    Ramazan starts Tuesday 9th July

    Don't forget Ramazan starts on Tuesday 8th July and there's a three day public holiday at the end of it ( Sugar Bayram). Banks and some businesses will be closed 8th-10th August. Get some goodies ready for the kids. Don't worry all you plonkies bars are still open:)
  5. A89

    Ali and Ramazan

    Just read this delightful story about two boys that grew up in an Istanbul orphange. Its a really lovely story about the relationship that develops between them. Ali and Ramazan: Amazon.co.uk: Perihan Magden, Ruth Whitehouse: Books Alison
  6. scotssteve

    Ramazan into bayram

    Just a quick post to note my admiration for all those TLF members (and spouses) who are coming to the end of Ramazan. I honestly don't know how you manage to observe the intentions and physical constraints which are at the heart of this observance - I do know that I could not do it, and...
  7. sunshine


    Hi,Ramazan seems early this year,starting on the 20th July,as alot of you know, alot of the turkish people come to Altinkum for there holidays,because of Ramazan will they still have there holidays,on the beach,as most of them will be fasting during the day,will the beaches be as packed.also how...
  8. raven

    Ramazan - Have a thought for thoses that are serving you on holiday

    I love this article in the Hurriyet today it really makes you think for all of you that are just here for a holiday have a thought to those in the bars, hotels and restaurants. I hope this will give some a little insight and bring more respect to those fasting this month. Observing Ramadan at...
  9. E

    Ramazan gift from the Prime Minister

    I may become a fan of the Turkish PM! Apparently, he passed my area (Asmalimescit) recently in a motorcade ( or rather - tried to, since all the streets are blocked with restaurant tables) and was shocked at something we residents have had to get used to, especially in the past few years. Noise...
  10. mrkeith

    Shopping at Ramazan's

    Now me I hate markets, over priced rubbish and "cheap as chips" being spat at you as you walk along. I have explained to a couple of traders that chips are not cheap here, and one well lets just say he came within a hairs breath of being interviewed about the groin. Anyway last eve we went...
  11. bickern

    Ramazan starts on 12th August until 9th Sept

    Ramazan starts on 12th August until 9th Sept, followed by a 4 day Bayram ( Holiday).
  12. shirleyanntr

    Lighting the beach for Ramazan

    People who fast during Ramazan dont go into the pool or sea as it would break the fast by having water enter the mouth. Since not everybody has access to a pool the Alanya Belediye has lit up three of the public beaches to allow people who are both on holiday and fasting to swim safely after...
  13. KKOB

    Ramazan Commences Tonight

    Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, begins Thursday night – the first time in 30 years it has coincided with high summer – with pious Muslims waking up before dawn to ready themselves for the month-long ritual. Month of fasting commences - Hürriyet Daily News and Economic Review
  14. KKOB

    Ramazan - The Effects On Tourism

    The holy month of Ramadan, in which many Muslims fast, starts Aug. 21, the first time in the past 30 years that the holiday falls during the tourism high season. With the number of local tourists expected to drop, hoteliers are preparing special events and making big discounts to compensate for...
  15. Fendouglas

    The Holy Month of Ramazan

    Observing Ramazan, the holy month, is very important for Muslims worldwide as it is one of the five basic duties of the faith.It is a time of fasting, prayer and celebration. It is also a time for contemplation when people examine their own lives, understand the gift of eating when they feel...
  16. KKOB

    Ramazan 2009

    Ramadan or Ramazan, as it is known in Turkey, will start on or around August 22nd and continue to September 20. Explore Turkey When is Turkish Ramazan (Ramadan) in 2009
  17. shirleyanntr

    food for Ramazan

    i cant believe its a year since we were discussing Ramazan..but instead of a debate on the rights and wrongs of fasting and who does and who doesnt it will be nice to see some of the great food thats turned out when the fast is broken. The name for breaking the fast at sunset is İftar..and i...
  18. KKOB

    Diet Patches are OK for Ramazan

    Apparently it's been agreed that it's OK to use hunger suppression patches to get through Ramazan. OK for the Convenience Muslims eh ? http://uk.news.yahoo.com/afp/20080822/tod-turkey-religion-offbeat-7f81b96.html
  19. S

    Ramazan: does it start tonight ??

    When exactly does Ramazan start this year ? Is it tonight after sunset ?? thanks !!
  20. shirleyanntr

    a little bit about ramazan

    maybe this is the wong time to write this..following a couple os sneaky Efes but here goes anyway Ramazan is movable ..just as lent and easter has a different date every year. Every year it is held 10 days earlier than the previous year This year it starts on the 12/13 th of September and lasts...
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