1. immac

    Ramadan 2020

    Ramadan 2020 in Turkey will begin on Friday, April 24, and ends on Saturday, May 23. Şeker Bayramı aka Eid al-Fitr 2020 in Turkey will begin on Sunday, May 24 and ends on Tuesday, May 26 I think these dates are set. How will they deal with virus controls, I wonder? Ian
  2. immac

    Ramadan Extended 2019

    From Hurriyet: "The Ramadan holiday was initially scheduled for June 3 (half day) and June 6 this year, however the government announced last week that public servants will be on administrative leave from June 3 to June 7, effectively extending the holiday to nine days, including the weekends...
  3. K

    Ramadan Drummers

    Also known as 'musaharati' we have had a female drummer here in Datca during Ramadan. I have to confess it has been a mixed blessing as she has stopped and turned outside our house at about 3 am most mornings. . . Eid couldn't come soon enough! The ritual comes from the advice of the Prophet to...
  4. bal canavar

    Jazz in Bodrum during Ramadan holiday

    A new jazz event in Bodrum, We Jazz Bodrum, will kick off on the second day of the Ramadan holiday on June 26 before continuing in various spots in the western town throughout summer. Jazz in Bodrum during Ramadan holiday | Good Morning Turkey
  5. B

    Temple of Apollo - Ramadan Opening

    Hi, does anyone know if the Temple of Apollo will be open next Friday and Saturday (17th/18th July 2015) during the Ramadan holiday? Thanks.
  6. Akasya


    A time for peace and reflection..... Ramazanınız mübarek olsun Steve 'n Jackie
  7. newhorizon

    Turkey welcomes Ramadan a day earlier than...

    Turkey welcomes Ramadan a day earlier than most Arab, African nations. Muslims in Turkey have welcomed the holy month of Ramadan, while the fasting will start in most Arab and African nations on Sunday. The first suhoor - a Ramadan meal before dawn - took place in Turkey's northeastern city...
  8. N


    Perhaps people will realise that this is the month where one will look at their lives and put into practice not being dishonest and selfish?
  9. K

    Yummy, healthy Ramadan meal ideas?

    OK! for those of you who do REALLY fast all day in the middle of Turkish heat, do you have any receipes for morning meal before starting the fast. I don't intend to wake up and cook for hubby at that time of the night, but I'm willing to prepare something for him to heat up when he wakes up at...
  10. K

    Ramadan practicalities

    Hi, my DH is a practicing Muslim. He's determined to fast but I'm worried about it's impact on his mental and physical health. The simple reason for this is that he works extremely long hours in the tourist industry : leaves the house at 7:30am and comes home after 12pm. If he breaks his fast...
  11. shirleyanntr

    Ramadan pide

    lovely article from a lonely planet blog..about one of the favourite subjects here...Turkish bread..in particular Ramadan pide..some nice pics too Turkish Food: Turkish Bread - A Ramazan Photo Story - Lonely Planet
  12. I

    Ramadan drummers

    Just got back from two weeks in Turgutreis had a brilliant time, stayed in the area near Palmiye Appts. Everything was great apart from being woken up at 3-30am by someone moving round the area banging a very loud drum to signify the start of the fast, this went on every morning from the start...
  13. tomc1984


    I would like to send best wishes to all those following Ramadan from today, respect for the dedication and committment this must take.
  14. shirleyanntr

    İts almost Ramadan

    Can you believe that its a year since we discussed Ramadan. the first day is next Monday. İ wonder how many people will be able to keep to the fast for the full month...especially here with the temperature in the 90's Yusufs father is an ill man he has dialysis twice a week but he will still...
  15. zuberdust

    Ramadan Mubarak

    yes! ramzan mubarak to all of you, the muslims and non muslims alike! and those of you living in turkey, enjoy the interesting month and help each other, its gonna be a difficult one this year but it will fly by... and ofcourse lets look forward to the end of ramzan celebrations!!! hehe.. x x x x
  16. bickern

    Holy month of Ramadan begins today at sunset

    Holy month of Ramadan begins today at sunset For Muslims in Turkey, the advent of Ramadan means an increase in worship, social gatherings and community events in addition to the perpetuation of age-old traditions and customs. Sunset today will mark the beginning of the month of Ramadan for the...
  17. elaine k

    smells and ramadan

    I hope someone can answer this question, as while its not the most pressing islamic question, it has puzzled me for the last year. Last year I holidayed during Ramadan, in a shop that sold perfume I sprayed some on me. The owner, who was trailing me around the shop ran away rather fast, at first...
  18. immac

    Ramadan Post - Tax

    I have heard previously that tax on imports through the post is relaxed in advance of and throughout Ramadan. This is to allow presents from abroad. Does anyone know about this, or is it just a rumour? If true, when does the relaxation start and what is the allowance? I would like to give...
  19. L

    Ramadan 22.08 - 20.09 Banking?

    does anyone know when the banks close in this time frame. Think it closes for 1week approx. Can't seem to find info on net, wondering if anyone here knows pls? Thanks
  20. bobthenob

    Ramadan and the reasons

    L have been reading an article in the voice paper,stating the the faith of the Ramadan month. The Ramadam began last Monday,Sept 1,as we all know,but what l find quite interesting is the reasons in this faith.Here are a few 1/Did you know,it is believed the holy quran,was sent down from the...
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