1. Camden

    Marmaris World Rally Championship

    Marmaris is in the eye of the world again! $ 150 million revenue expected Marmaris, is counting the days to host World Rally Championship, the world's most prestigious rally for the second time in a row. Based in Marmaris, Datça will be held between 12-15 September, the FIA ​​World Rally...
  2. juco

    Rally car, 1 funny,1 scary

    This one loved it: WRC Hyundai i20 flat out over MASSIVE jump - Rally Portugal 2014 - YouTube This one was scared s.......! TRUE FEAR! - Pamela Race Car Launch Control at Baskerville raceway - YouTube
  3. suzyq

    Tens of Thousands Rally Against Terror

    Tens of thousands of people from across Turkey flocked into downtown Ankara on Sept. 17 to condemn terrorism and display solidarity, with the organizers of the mass rally particularly putting emphasis on the unity of the nation. Tens of thousands rally against ?terror? - LOCAL
  4. suzyq

    2 Dead, over 100 injured at HDP Rally

    2 separate explosions occurred with 5 minutes. Two dead, over 100 injured after explosions at milestone rally of Turkey's HDP - LOCAL
  5. suzyq

    Erdoğan holding rally in Cologne

    Live updates Earlier in the day: The prime minister was met in Cologne by Deputy Prime Minister Emrullah İşler, Sports Minister Akif Çağatay Kılıç, Turkish Ambassador to Berlin Hüseyin Avni Karslıoğlu, Cologne Consul General Hüseyin Emre Engin and Dusseldorf Consul General Alaattin Temür...
  6. M

    May Day rally Istanbul

    If you log on to Hurriyet English website there is live vidoe broadcast of demonsrations already started in Taxim square area. Tear gas and water cannon already being used.
  7. bal canavar

    May day rally Istanbul banned again.

    The banning for a second year ,of the traditional May day Rally by the AKP Mayor of Istanbul , will certainly lead to new protests. Taksim Square has always been a important and symbolic venue for political protest, but a red flag (pardon the pun ) to the Islamist AKP . They hate the use...
  8. teosgirl

    10 year old boy seriously injured during rally

    Another child injured during police intervention - RIGHTS Another child seriously injured by police. I wonder if this will effect the peace process or stability in the Kurdish region? Charlotte
  9. N

    motorcycle rally festival

    directions to motorcycle rally festival by mavishire please from altinkum this weekend
  10. B

    Peace Rally in Birmingham

    BBC News - Peace rally held in Birmingham after riot deaths I think this shows what can happen when people put their minds to it. Let's hope it succeeds. Bill.
  11. C

    19-22 May Classic Car rally Bodrum (and Didim)

    ...old car fans should be pleased.. CLASSIC CAR RALLY- Turkey, West Anatolian Rally. 19-20-21 May: 19 May pm. display outside Bodrum castle 20 May- Bodrum –Didim- Yalıcıftlık 21 May- Yalıcıftlık- Bodrum Penisula- Yalıcıftlık :9:
  12. Squeaky

    Lira rally shows Turkey growth catching up to China

    Good evening: Over time I have noticed a number of comments on this forum concerning the uselessness of the AK Government and Mr Erdogan in particular. Those who have been in Turkey for years and recall the days when the Turkish Lira was heavily devalued month after month with inflation...
  13. ceemac

    Rally Of Turkey

    I could have sworn there was a thread started about this but I just can't find it. 'The Citroen Junior Team’s Sebastien Ogier leads after a dramatic opening four stages of the Rally of Turkey, held in hot and dry weather close to Istanbul.' Here C
  14. N

    World Rally's for the Stray Animals of Turkey

    On October 4th ordinary people from 16 countries across 4 continents did something quite remarkable...They rallied in protest at the way animals ,mainly the street dogs are being treated in Turkey . The largest rally was in Istanbul where almost 400 people ( mainly Turkish ) attended. London ...
  15. N

    World Rally for Turkish Dogs

    As I'm sure you will be aware the street dogs in Turkey have a tough time surviving on a day to day basis. They are always a quite contravertial subject, But love them or hate them - they are out there . Many hundreds of dogs have been rounded up in recent months throughout Turkey and taken to...
  16. v6cod

    Huge rally for Turkish secularism

    From the BBC News Hundreds of thousands of people have rallied in Istanbul in support of secularism in Turkey, amid a row over a vote for the country's next president. The protesters are concerned that the ruling party's candidate for the post remains loyal to his Islamic roots. The...
  17. Smiler

    World Rally Championship- Turkey

    I've just noticed that the Turkish leg of the World Rally Championship happens between 12-15 October around Kemer. I was in Kemer last year while the Rally was going on and would recommend to anyone to visit the vicinity just to see the vast array of Rally cars. The evenings were something to...
  18. Lynda


    When I was in UK I saw an advert for a day in a Rally car. I would love to buy this for my son who has a birthday next week but daft old bird that I am I have forgotton the shop & the internet has not thrown anything up.... any suggestions?
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