1. J

    Bottle of Raki as thank you?

    I have recently had exceptionally good treatment from a doctor at Yucelen Hospital in Mugla (apart from saving my life he was very kind and considerate). Would it be acceptable to give him a bottle of Raki as a rather inadequate thank you when I go for my next check up? Jan
  2. Carolyn

    When Raki may be seen but not heard!

    When it comes to favourite songs it looks like the Deputy pm has changed his tune POLITICS - Turkish deputy PM rejects song for lyrics mentioning national alcoholic drink 'rak?'
  3. juco

    Beats Raki, hands down.

    After you click on the link read the reviews, surpised Amazon left this on....hilarious. Amazon.co.uk: Customer Reviews: Barrettine Methylated Spirit 500ml
  4. Lez Zetli

    Distill your own raki

    With a litre of the good stuff now costing 77 lira thoughts again turn to making it myself like some of my neighbours do. I've sourced all the equipment for distilling it and the ingredients and the method, but I have conflicting information about the legality of operating a still in Turkey. So...
  5. F

    Health Warning Bad Alcohol !!!!!!!

    Further to my post on bad raki ! Todays Posta a turkish national news paper . 11 boys on holiday from Adana tourism students went out to celibrate one friends birthday in Gumbet ! That boy is now dead and the other 10 boys are in hospital in a serious condition . Please if you like Raki or Vodka...
  6. F

    Bad RAKI !

    Just got informed that there is some BAD RAKI going around Gumbet a man is in hospital at this moment he nearly died and is at the very least going to be blind ! the man went to a restaurant and later to 2 bars so its not clear as to where the bad drink was served but anyway you cant tell from...
  7. bobthenob

    Drinking Raki

    A warning to all Raki drinkers when consuming large amounts. You start to see things that hasn’t appeared there before when sober.That old granny across the bar has suddenly turned into a well defined bosom sex bomb.You turn to your mates and mention the sexy bird across the bar mentioning l...
  8. cirali

    WARNING...Beware of "FAKE" Raki !!

    A warning for all travellers to Turkey that enjoy a few drinks...now and then....I have just been watching the turkish news and the total count of those who have died due to " FAKE" RAKI is now up to 11 persons..with the latest being to German students. In Turkey, raki is the unofficial...
  9. Sylvia

    Too much Raki?????

    Dozens of people have been affected by drinking the illegally distilled brew, with at least 30 still hospitalised. Many of those still being treated are suffering from damaged vision. Turkish authorities have confiscated more than 6,000 bottles of the raki, which was produced in an...
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