1. bickern

    For a rainy day.

    Photographer Andrew Suryono captured this amazing photo of an orangutan using a banana leaf to shield itself from the rain in Bali From an orangutan using a leaf as an umbrella to a child holding a pet cat: Stunning images vie for Sony World Photography Awards | Daily Mail Online
  2. V

    Hello from a very rainy Chesterfield

    Hello everyone, My name is Valerie and although I have been reading the forum for some months now, I only joined a few days ago so - hello everyone. I have been visiting Bodrum since before they put in the first set of traffic lights, and there was no dual carriageway at all - so you will have...
  3. Helenm150

    Rainy day in Turgutreis

    It was very squally yesterday and today as expected the rain has come:
  4. Helenm150

    Cold and Rainy Sunday in Turkey

    How will you be spending your day on this cold and rainy Sunday in Turkey? ............ sorry, was trying to add photo - deleted most of my post lol - was planning to walk into town but 20 mins down a steep hill in the rain put me off - so no Sunday lunch for me today - will live off cheese and...
  5. bobthenob

    Thoughts on a rainy day

    This is the most beautiful time of year to enjoy the natural gifts the environment throws at you.Sitting out on the balcony sniffing the aromatic fragrance of the rains pounding the earth is a pleasurable moment to take in.The fruit trees l planted two years ago seem to have taken on a whole new...
  6. L

    Hi from rainy yorkshire

    Hi everyone My name is louise and i live in west yorkshire at present. Im going to marmaris for the summer and fly out 18th april. I have been a member of the forum for 12 months almost but have been more a reader than writer. I have put a new thread on the marmaris forum about apartments if...
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