1. Fran Dessop

    Rainbow water slide

    Can anyone tell me the name of the apartments or hotel which has the rainbow coloured water slide which can be seen to the left of the harbour. Thanks. Its just as you come into the village.
  2. Carolyn

    Rainbow Soo

    Just a reminder that today would have been Rainbow Soo's birthday. Although sadly no longer with us her legacy lives on in her thread for those affected by cancer. The thread was her idea and continues to give support, comfort and inspiration to sufferers and their families. RIP Soo. Gone but...
  3. C

    Smoked Rainbow Trout

    Rainbow trout, while being widely available in fresh form, it is quite hard to find if you are looking for smoked. i am quite resourcefull so i can enjoy this delicacy once in a while. Last time i tried putting it on a pan with some butter and fried it a little bit. i liked the result and...
  4. Sunny Seasider

    For Rainbow (Soo)

    One special lady who I would like to remember today is Soo, Soo was a special lady who we will all want remember today. You will never be forgotten Soo. xx
  5. giglets

    Celebration of Rainbow Soo's Life

    My wife Marian received a Facebook pm from Chris tonight, asking that we re-post his Facebook message on TLF - I will be holding a celebration of Soo's life at Lolas in kas on Sunday 4th March at 10 am. I speak with Soo's mum frequently and it is clear to see where Soo got her strength...
  6. maggie

    In Memory of Rainbow Soo.

    Pineapple & I have been talking and we feel as with us a lot of you maybe would like to arrange something as a Memorial to Soo. We have spoken about a bench with a Rainbow Plaque maybe to be placed in one of Soo,s favorite places in Kas or indeed in the grounds of the hospital where she was...
  7. A

    rainbow !!!

    Has anyone stayed at the rainbow apts in altinkum just off the marina road can you tell me if the dolmus picks up there or close too , and how long is it to dolphin square .
  8. val2661

    Happy birthday rainbow

    Happy birthday Soo, hope you have a fantastic day with Chris and your mum. Val xx:pressie:
  9. Sunny Seasider

    Happy Birthday Rainbow (Soo)

    Happy Birthday wishes are winging their way to you Soo. Thinking of you, and here's to many more. Lesley x :pressie:
  10. kaplumba

    Rainbow Soo

    I hope I'm doing the right thing here but I see from facebook that Soo is having her radiotherapy in the hospital - I've forgotten where it is - either Alanya or Antalya. It seems she is in discomfort and feeling low and more importantly alone. Is there anyone down that way who could perhaps get...
  11. maggie

    The rainbow club.

    I have started a Rainbow club on face book where you can join and send messages to Soo on there as well as here. Keep the faith..!!!!!!! Lets hope Soo finds a Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow. Hugs Maggie xxx __________________ Its not what you say its the way that you say it.
  12. giglets

    Donation to Rainbow (Soo)

    For information, Mushtaq has set up a donation facility for Rainbow (Soo), to help with her hotel stay in Antalya, during her cancer treatment. You can find it in the usual place "TLF Donations". Any contribution would be most welcome. Dave
  13. Sunny Seasider

    Our Friend Rainbow, Soo

    I am so sorry to hear that our friend Rainbow, Soo is back in hospital. Soo was due to have Chemotherapy on Thursday, but due to adverse weather conditions, the appointment was cancelled. I have been informed that Soo is feeling rather poorly and extremely tired.. they are running some tests but...
  14. C

    The Rainbow Warrior 2 in Datca & Marmaris

    The ship the Rainbow Warrior 2 will be in Datca from Saturday morning until afternoon, then in Marmaris at the Eski Liman ─░skele on Sunday if you would like to take a rare chance to visit it, and meet and talk with the people on it. It has been in Istanbul and Izmir as part of the Greenpeace...
  15. Alan Fidler

    Rainbow Soo.

    Hi folks, Like me you might have missed Soo the last couple of days.. I have received a message from Soo via a friend who tells me that she has been kept in hospital for a couple of days, ( she went for Chemo on Thursday) she has a high fever and in Soo's words is poorly.. ( That could be...
  16. bobthenob

    End of a rainbow

    Ever since l was only knee high.l have always been fascinated by the arc of a rainbow,which really in is a circle that appears to be a semi. No matter how much you try to find the end of a rainbow,it is never there.l won't tell the little leprechaun that,it will break his little heart. These are...
  17. peter the postie

    Who remembers Rainbow?

    Aww... remember Rainbow? Soppy Geoffrey and friends?? Well they're back, but it's been brought into the 21st century :lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyqEPgRc6IE
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