1. juco

    Rain Mates

    I think there should be a campaign to bring back this practical item and make it fashionable once again.
  2. juco

    Minute rain weather forecast

    I found this an interesting weather site that gives a rain forecast by the minute, I have found it to be quite accurate to within a couple of minutes, ideal for washing or a bit of gardening etc. More accuracy is gained by entering your postcode. It is based on radar images. Manchester Minute...
  3. J

    Rain Transfers

    Raintransfers Hi Everyone has anyone tried the above transfer company for private hires to their residence? on their site the price is £60 return for private taxi transfer to your private residence which is a very good deal! Please let me know if anyone has used this company! Thank You Jinty
  4. paddington bear

    Rain in Side for 2014

    Again I have recorded the days of rain we had in Side for 2014 and it amounted to 69 days, made up as follows. January - 10 days with rain, 5 days with heavy rain and thunderstorms, 2 days with light rain, 2 days with rain and 1 day with heavy rain. February - 7 days with rain, 1 day with...
  5. T

    M25 collapsed in the rain

    Surely the UK must be able to build things that can withstand the weather - or maybe not! Scary imagine hitting that at 70mph! There was travel chaos on Britain's busiest motorway today after a section of road appeared to collapse in heavy rain. The M25 'collapses' in the rain causing traffic...
  6. D

    Rain coming

    Rain forecast for Friday night and most of Saturday, then very windy all of Sunday.........a day off from watering the plants at last. Batten down the hatches!!:biggrin:
  7. paddington bear

    Rain in 2013

    Just to let anyone in Side know, if they are interested, that we had 63 days in 2013 with rain. I will keep a note again this year and will differentiate between light rain and thunderstorms/heavy rain. Sue:468bo:
  8. T

    Praying for rain

    On our way to a walk by the beach yesterday we got caught in a traffic jam on a deserted road in the middle of nowhere. Cars were parked both sides of what was really just a dirt track. There were somewhere between 500-1000 people gathered in a field. We asked why, and found out they were...
  9. B

    After the rain

    It has stopped raining here in Dalaman after a couple of days of storms, and it in now absolutely glorious. The skies are blue with some white fluffy clouds, the birds are singing happily, the colours vibrant and the air smells clean and fresh. Isn't it wonderful to be alive?
  10. G

    back to the rain

    Just got back from tugutreis Was great to see lots of old Faces
  11. beyazbayan

    Here comes the rain

    Wonderful rain - it's arrived at last and hopefully will clear the air and lead to a cooler fresher feel. Want to take off my clothes and dance in it.
  12. arrian


    i've just spent the last hour or so in the garden putting up brackets for hanging baskets etc, and the sun was so hot i could feel my face burning. finished the job, made a cup of coffee, and sat enjoying the lovely day. came in to have a quick look on TLF and the heavens have absolutely opened...
  13. Tommie

    Fifty words for rain

    Had nothing better to do so I saw this interesting article about RAIN. Well, we do get so much of it back home, certainly at the moment, so I thought it might be worth discussing. Fifty Words For Rain We apparently got one from a french phrase, which translates to "raining like a cow...
  14. A

    Rain is forecast

    The Belediye are warning that rain is on its way and they are asking drivers to take care. We have an interesting combination of factors. 1. Following many weeks without rain and the resultantbuild up of oil and grease on the roads. 2. The İftar rush-hour. 3. The advanced driving skills of...
  15. Ian2006

    The Aussies are Praying for Rain......

    What more can I say - wonderful................................... :yipee:
  16. arrian

    Not the right rain???

    just on the news now that Leeds/Liverpool canal will be closed for 60 miles from Wigan to North Yorkshire from tomorrow as water levels are too low, we haven't had the right rain apparently???????!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Fastlady


    What the heck was in that rain we had yesterday? Everything is filthy - someone suggested it might be the volcanic ash, but I think that's too far away?
  18. O

    Rain Transfers

    Has anybody used Rain transfers from Dalaman airport as they are showing a good price that you can pay cash on arrival at the airport. I will be travelling to Ovacik and they claim to drop you off at the door.
  19. ceemac

    Heavy Rain In Antalya Closes Schools

    The Antalya Governorship has announced that schools in Antalya will be closed on Monday due to heavy rainfall. Here C
  20. Lyndsey

    The rain is back.

    Bucketing it down, lightening, thunder and 45kmph winds...battening down the hatches.
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