1. P

    Glass and stainless steel balcony railings

    Can anyone recommend a reliable and cost-effective company who can replace our existing steel balcony railings with a glass and stainless steel option? Thanks Paul.
  2. B

    Balcony railings:

    HI, Does anybody know the names of companies in Yalikavak area that, supply and fit polished tubular steel balcony railings with glass panels. Thanks in advance.
  3. J

    Aluminum or stainles railings

    Hi Does anyone know of a reasonably priced supplier of alloy or stainless railings in the Gumusluk/Bodrum area these are for my roof terrace.
  4. D

    Black paint for railings.

    Can anyone recommend a good black paint for railings - covers in one coat, long lasting, reasonable price? I used to be a fan of Hammerite and Smoothrite, but the current stuff is rubbish - needs 3 coats or more to cover, creeps back from edges and corners, and is expensive. (From Googling...
  5. A

    Iron Railings

    Hi there, Our apartment in Yalikavak is on the 2nd floor and has horizontal railings! See attachment. We have a young daughter and when she was very young I was worried that she could squeeze through the gaps, but they were just that too thin fortunately! Now she is 3, almost 4 and a budding...
  6. D

    Iron Railings Man

    Can anyone please give me the name of the iron Railings Man up on the hill, going out of Klakn towards Yesilkoyhe has rather a plush show room now, have lost his business card need an e-mail adress if possible plse Thanks DRBD
  7. Silvidog

    Painting metal railings

    Hi I need to paint some metal railings that go around our patio area. Does anyone know if it is possible to purchase an equivalent of 'Hammerite' so that I don 't have to strip the railings down before I start? Thanks!
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