1. teosgirl

    Didim house raid yields weapons

    Raid on house in resort town yields suspects, guns - LOCAL Wow, that's quite scary. Charlotte
  2. juco

    Hatton Garden jewel raid

    What! even more than the government and the banks.
  3. suzyq

    Police Raid Today's Zaman

    Is this the beginning of the end for the newspaper? Police broke into the newsrooms of the Zaman and Today's Zaman dailies and the Aksiyon weekly magazine, part of the Zaman Media Group, in the Yenibosna neighborhood of İstanbul late on Wednesday, with helicopters hovering above and water...
  4. suzyq

    National auditors raid polling company

    Auditors from the Finance Ministry carried out a raid at the Gezici Research Company's office in İstanbul following a poll the company released showing votes for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) decreasing below 40 percent. According to the Cihan news agency, auditors went to...
  5. Spurs

    Belgium terror raid

    They seek them here, they seek them......................all over the place. BBC News - Belgian police in 'anti-terror raid' A better link. Deaths In Anti-Terror Raid In Belgium: Reports
  6. E

    Turkey police raid opposition media

    RTE goes on the attack again. BBC News - Turkey police raid opposition media with Gulen links
  7. T

    EU Tax Raid on Pensions

  8. bickern

    Turkish special forces fail to smash their way into house in dawn raid

    Red-faced Turkish special forces fail to smash their way into house in dawn raid… then end up having to knock and ask to come in. Gaffe was caught on camera and has now been posted on the internet Eventually an elderly man in a vest opened the door to the squad Wearing balaclavas and carrying...
  9. ceemac

    Turkish ship crewmen hurt in pirates' raid

    "Pirates attacked a Turkish ship off the coast of Nigeria and injured three sailors, but fled without seizing the ship, government officials in Ankara said." Here C
  10. Neil_Denizli

    Need help with RAID set up

    Like an idiot I opened my PC to access another hard drive (an external seagate which had got a bit battered). when i plugged the other drives back in, they failed to boot, so i have 2 raid drives sitting in my pc (a tetrabyte of good space) that can't be read - in bios im getting boot failure...
  11. P

    Facebook police raid family BBQ

    Did anyone see this story at the end of last week? Full story: Facebook police raided my family barbecue | I have my doubts that this guy is telling the truth and think he might have been organising a bit more than a BBQ for 17 people, I mean when was the last time you went to a...
  12. C

    Police raid at Pyramid

    The Pyramid bar was raided last night by about 15/20 police the reason they were playing Bingo. Customers were asked for their residence permits or passports and some of them were carted off to the Police station where they were asked for statements and then released. Not sure what the outcome...
  13. Mary Gambrell

    Gordon To Raid Holiday Homes

    Chancellor BrownTo Raid Hi all, anybody read the papers today "Gordon to Raid Holiday Homes", Nearly a milliom Brits with holiday homes abroad could so face a tax probe.Taxman is entitled to information on people who have not declared income on money earned offshore.750,000 brits could end up...
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