1. J

    New tax on radios in mobile phones

    Does anyone know anything about a new tax on the radio in your mobile phone, or laptop? My husband received a text telling him he was registered for this tax and they had automatically deducted it from his balance. It was only 1.21TL, but how often do they require this, how much will it be next...
  2. suzyq

    Gov’t to charge up to 215 euros for importing TVs, radios

    People importing televisions, radios, and video and other visual devices -- apart from commercial imports -- for private use will be required to pay 10 to 215 euros at customs, the Turkish Cabinet has decided. The decision to charge additional fees for importing televisions and radios as of...
  3. Rainey

    DAB Radios

    Do they work in Turkey?
  4. jnj

    Digital radios

    If we bring a digital radio to Kusadasi on our next trip, would we pick up any channels.
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