1. bickern

    UK Radio

    Well I could not get through a day without a radio fix so... BBC Sounds: BBC Sounds Radio Classic Gold: Classic Gold Hits RadioMap UK: Radio stations in the United Kingdom AccuRadio: AccuRadio Any recommends out there that I am missing?
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Pure internet radio

    Do we have other members who are using one of these in Turkey? I have an 'Evoke' model which I used to use to listen to the BBC world service radio. This stopped working a few weeks ago. When I checked the 'favourites'. When I tried to log into their website to alter 'my favourites' they had...
  3. juco

    Nigel farage radio show

    On LBC Mon-Thurs 7-8.00pm LBC Radioplayer
  4. Yalides

    Radio 4 comedy

    Anyone listened to comedy on radio 4 lately ? One reason why any "comedy" programme on Radio 4 is unlistenable is that the "comedians" on it, restricted to a narrow range of targets, are about as funny as putting one's head in a mincer. For generations our humour was based on the quirks of...
  5. lilacdiana

    Radio 4 Our Own Correspondent

    Interesting article today about the Turkish elections and the out comes. Did anyone else hear it? Di
  6. D

    English radio

    Hi I am sure this may have been covered but in dalyan looking at fm/am radio English speaking ,English music stations . If any body has any and frequency please fire them along for me . I won't have internet and I gather DAB is not great in turkey or has it changed ? Thanks in anticipation
  7. M

    DAB Radio

    I have been given a Polaroid DS360-W Portable DAB FM Digital radio, but I do not have the instructions for pre-setting etc. I have contacted Customer Services of the company who ASDA, who sell these, say to contact, but they want £10.00 to email the instructions to me. IMO this is exhorbitant...
  8. Talkinman

    Digital Radio

    Could anyone tell me if digital radio will pick up british radio stations in Turkey??
  9. the bueman

    Gerry Anderson... Radio Ulster passed away

    Sad day....Gerry Anderson show host for BBC Radio Ulster passed away today. Had been ill for the past year....Gerry and his sidekick Sean Coyle kept me entertained with their banter and funny call-ins from listeners looking for help and advice with all sorts of issues and topics. Here are some...
  10. D

    Internet Radio on 3G Dongle?

    Has anyone any idea how much data is used listening to internet radio? At the moment I'm using a dongle and was just interested in knowing how quick my allowance will be used up? Any info will be gratefully received :)
  11. M

    English Radio in Turkey?

    Hello I am seeking a warmer climate to start up an English radio station. I have started two in africa with great success but want one closer to the UK. Do you think it would work out in Turkey?? Feed back greatly appreciated
  12. G

    DAB Digital Radio in Turkey?

    Hi everyone Can anyone tell me will a digital radio work in Turkey allowing me to get BBC Radio channels?
  13. D

    "Trust Global Radio":- Ex-Pat Radio Station

    If you intend to make a Radio Dedication this morning to Bobby Martin on "trustglobalradio". Don't forget to add your name, where you live, and whom the dedication is for..?? Would you like a Radio Dedication, played out live on air. Then please try - "Trust Global". With British...
  14. D

    Radio Dedication..??

    Would you like a Radio Dedication, played out live on air. Then please try - "Trust Global". With British presenter (Bobby Martin) from 10am till 1pm every weekday. Contact him during the show either via the website or via "Skype" and he will broadcast your dedication...
  15. CJD

    BBC radio 4

    we enjoy listening to radio 4, however listening on the internet via bbc website appears to be mega download hungry, we managed to use 42gig on our dongle over a 6 week period, does anyone have any less hungry ways to listen?
  16. N

    Nationwide Radio Station for Classical Music?

    In Istanbul I'd tune in a fabulous fm station devoted to Classical. In most countries there's usually one or a few radio stations which can be heard all over the national territory. Does anyone know if that's true in Turkey? If anyone listens to that classical musical radio station, what's it's...
  17. Sunny Seasider

    To celebrate 90 Years of Radio Broadcasting

    Today 14th November the BBC marks the 90th Anniversary of it's first broadcast by playing a specially commissioned composition by Damon Albarn to radio listeners around the world at 17.33 GMT. I am a huge fan of radio, always have it on in our kitchen (where I spend a lot of time lol) cooking...
  18. M

    Radio stations via a Tablet

    Hello, Can anyone help I am trying to get BBC radio stations using my TABLET. Mx
  19. yalimart

    chris moyles quits radio 1

    Chris Moyles quits Radio 1 show live on air, Nick Grimshaw to replace him | the juice - Yahoo! omg! UK who cares you might say ! can only hope he doesnt join radio 2, cant stand the bloke ! Martin
  20. Deri

    Radio controlled yacht

    Can anyone help me with finding a model shop in Turkey where I may obtain a model sailboat about 1 metre long or larger, with radio controls?
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