1. A&P

    Electric radiator central heating

    Hi. Does anyone run radiator central heating via electric?. We have a radiators installed which are fired by diesel, which makes the system impossible to use because of the exceptional cost of the diesel. We are considering exchanging the boiler for an efficient electric one and would like to...
  2. R

    Winter Heating Set

    For Sale in Bodrum area Ay-Gas Fire 4.2 Kw (with full Gas Bottle) - 150TL Febre Portable Electric oil-filler Radiator -2.5 KW – 60TL Febre Portable Electric oil-filler Radiator -1.5 KW – 40TL All hardly used and in full working order Buy the 3 Heaters together for 220 TL pm for tel number
  3. Mag

    Radiator covers

    Has anyone come across Radiator covers in the Bodrum area? I would like to cover the rad in our hallway and use for displaying stuff. I wonder does Koc Tas do them, or would I be better getting one made? :hmm: Thanks Mag
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