1. ZiaCa'

    Flight Radar - realtime flight status!

    I've posted this on the thread about the volcano ash, but I think it deserves a look regardless of the ash cloud problem....it's really useful and pretty cool! Flightradar24.com - Live Flight Tracker! Of course Mods might think otherwise, so if it disappears off the radar (ha ha!) will understand!
  2. arrian

    RADAR keys

    i thought i'd share this info in case any didn't know about them. a few weeks ago i was in Asda using the loo when i saw a woman in a wheelchair waiting outside the disabled toilets, i asked her if she was ok, and she said her husband had gone for the key. 'don't you have your own RADAR key?' i...
  3. Pennie

    Radar traps

    Anyone travelling from Didim to Soke beware of the polis radar traps. I got caught today doing 106km on a 100km stretch of road. I now have 15 days to pay to get a 25% discount on the 108ytl fine. Needless to say, I restricted my speed to 95km on the way home. Pennie xx :29:
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