1. H

    Tour of Turkey bike race

    Apparently 24th April to 1st May but cannot get any further info about it. Website is: https://www.tourofturkey.org/ but it comes up blank. Does anybody know any info about the race? Thanks
  2. suzyq

    Turkey to Build 23 New Race Tracks

    Although Turkey has already got 9 race tracks it is now going to build another 23. 23 new horse tracks to be built in Turkey - BUSINESS
  3. newhorizon

    F1 Bahrain Grand Prix Race #4 Vettel spolist Mercedes ..again!

    Back to back racing again this weekend..another race today. The Ferrari of Vettel splits the Mercedes again! Should keep Mercedes on their toes sandwiched between the Ferrari's. 2015 FORMULA 1 GULF AIR BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX Qualifying Results BAHRAIN Pos No Driver Team Q1...
  4. suzyq

    Tour of Turkey Cycle Race

    Starts on 26 April in Alanya https://tourofturkey.org/2015/news/stage-route-announced-traditional-balance-maintained
  5. newhorizon

    F1 - Malaysian Grand Prix -Race # 2 Vettel splits Mercedes

    A rather wet Qualifying... Hamilton just about kept hold of Pole with Vettel (Ferrari) just 0.074s behind.... 1 44 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:39.269 1:41.517 1:49.834 13 2 5 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:39.814 1:39.632 1:49.908 13 3 6 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1:39.374 1:39.377 1:50.299 13 4 3...
  6. newhorizon

    F1 - Australian Grand Prix -Race # 1

    Another year starts, we lose some drivers, we get some new move up the ranks to join the F1 scene. Early start yesterday, half asleep I watched the race, not the most exciting but nevertheless a superfluous drive and win for Hamilton -Mercedes! (25 points -that will do nicely, Thank you very...
  7. suzyq

    Ottomans enter Turkish elections race

    Looking at the photos in the article I'm not sure it would sway me to vote for them just because they are all dressed up in Ottoman clothing. Weeks after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s “16 Turkish warriors” hit international headlines, several candidates have launched Ottoman-themed...
  8. 1

    Race for Life 2014

    I did it!! 5k, in 40 mins........I need a beer now! Thanks to all supported me x
  9. bal canavar

    Turkish Presidency race

    The MHP under Devlet Bacheli has asked Erdogan to resign his position as PM if he is putting his name up for the Presidential election as per the present constitution. (of which he took a oath of office to uphold ] So the elections can be a fair one without the legitimacy being called into...
  10. T

    Cycle Race - Koycegiz

    Just a reminder - The 50th Presidential Cycle of Turkey is currently being held. Stage 4 will be coming through Koycegiz on Wednesday 30th April. Starting in Fethiye at 13-00 and finishing in Marmaris at 16-00. Expect to main D400 road to be closed during that time
  11. J

    Bike Race Alanya???

    Does anybody know if there is a bike race in Alanya this weekend...have noticed that the barriers are ready to be put out along 35mtr street (Metro/Oba end). And if so, when is it and are the buses to centrum going to be affected?? Thanks in advance!
  12. newhorizon

    Australian Grand Prix - 14-16 March 2014- Race 1

    Well the 2014 F1 Season has started today in Melbourne, Australia. Mercedes and Ferrari looking quite strong. Red Bulls car and the Renault V6 1.6 turbocharged engines don't seem to have be quite up to the mark yet. No doubt Vettel will catch up once he has had the same testing as some of the...
  13. 1

    Race for Life 2014

    Morning, just to let you all know, this year I will running 5k for Cancer Research. This will be the 4th year I have taken part, and I love it! If you could visit my 'Just Giving' page and make a donation, no matter how small, it would be much appreciated. Or, just have a look, and sign up for...
  14. newhorizon

    LAST F1 Race of the Year!

    Guys, you will be l pleased to learn this weekend sees the last race of the season take place.. in Brazil. Mercedes/ Rosberg has been quickest so far Iin Practice 1 and 2, closely followed by V. Qualifying is in another 6 hours time approx. Race TV Times: UK (+2hrs for Turkey): Saturday 23...
  15. newhorizon

    British Grand Prix Race- 30 June 2013

    Another F1 weekend! Missed Quali, seems Hamilton is on Pole! Paul Di Resta disqualified from 5th for car being underweight, starts at the back/pits. Qualifying Results 10 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:30.995 1:31.224 1:29.607 12 2 9 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1:31.355 1:31.028 1:30.059 12...
  16. newhorizon

    Chinese Grand Prix -12-14 April 2013 [Race 3]

    Another weekend and after the intense Malaysian Grand prix and issue overs RedBull drivers and team orders etc..all attention now back on Race 3 -China! Yesterday in Practice 2 - Massa dominated and was fastest throughout. Today in Practice 3- Alonso fastest. Practice 3 results - of 13 April...
  17. B

    Boat Race.

    Although I have always supported Cambridge, this was a good win by Oxford. Well done the Dark Blues. Bill.
  18. newhorizon

    1st F1 Race: Austrailian F1 Grand Prix -16/17 March 2013

    Wake up Folks! First Grand Prix of the year about to kick off again! Qualifying has been delayed due to heavy rain and due to start in a few minutes (for any watching live) Practice times from yesterday were: Practice 1 times:yesterday were in the 1:27's 1 1 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull...
  19. S

    Tour of Turkey Race

    The Tour of Turkey Presidential Cycle Race will this year be in Fethiye on 24/4
  20. P

    Race Night at Ladies Beach

    If anyone is interested Halikarnas at Ladies Beach is holding a Race Night on Thursday 6th December .First Race will kick off at 7.30pm. BBQ food available on request. Sounds like it could be fun and Halikarnas is now one of the few places open at Ladies Beach for the winter. Free Entry...
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