1. L

    Pet Rabies Jab/Blood Tests/pet passports

    Has anyone recently used and can also recommend a vet around the Altinkum/Akbuk area to rabies inject/obtain a passport/tape worm and retest animals ready for removing them from Turkey? I have heard of one but was a "£" quote which is always a sign of what is to come. I have also heard of...
  2. S

    Cost of Rabies test after vaccination?

    Hiya, does anyone know how much it should be for the blood test that cats have to have after their rabies vaccination please? We had our cat vaccinated a month ago and I'm sure the vet said 225tl when I asked, this morning he charged us 380tl, that was just for the blood test, not the original...
  3. janA

    Villages near Milas Bodrum in rabies scare

    Actual: Mu?la 12 villages rabies scare 12 Villages have been quarantined near Milas after a rabid fox was caught by a shepherd dog and has since died
  4. maggie

    Akbuk free Rabies injections for animals .

    If you have a dog or cat take it to the beledye today from ten am and you will get it vacinated against rabies free of charge. Please make use of this service .ITS FREE.!!!!!!!(Akbuk) Hugs Maggie xxx
  5. shazeroo

    FREE Rabies Shots Tomorrow in Turgutreis

    I have just learnt that tomorrow (Monday 5th March) there will FREE Rabies vaccinations for cats and dogs on the market opposite Marcos from 10am. Anyone is entitled to it and it is a European quality vaccine. Also if you have street dogs in your area please try and take them Sorry for the...
  6. R

    Rabies Vaccine

    Hi All, Does anyone know how much it costs to have the Rabies Vaccination once in Turkey? Also where would we go for this? :30: Our GP Surgery don't do the vaccine and have referred us to a Private Travel Clinic, who charge £42 per Injection which has to be done 3 times within 3 weeks - so a...
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