1. teklu

    Didim Quiz, Online!

    There is an online quiz about Didim here: Didim Quiz If you go up a level or two, there are quizzes Turkey, Turkish culture, and also general knowledge and categorized quizzes.
  2. Spurs

    Its a quiz

    See how you do...........NO CHEATING. Quiz of the week's news - BBC News
  3. T

    Turkish quiz

    Which word pair is NOT opposite to eachother. A. Sıcak - Soğuk B. İhtiyar - Genç C. Aşağı - Yukarı D. Güz - Sonbahar
  4. tomc1984

    Quiz night

    Quiz at Secret Garden postponed from summer will now take place next wednesday, 29th. October. Details of times and food choices to follow asap.
  5. B

    Bingo and Quiz afternoon.

    A couple of hours with friends last week, short quiz followed by a few games of bingo. Looking forward to this weeks session, 2 o'clock at the Agora.
  6. D

    Quiz Night

    Hello all quizzers, I am running a quiz on Sunday nights at the Kosem Garden, Kemer Mah. Starts at 8.30 pm. I couldn't give a rats bum if you don't like me, please come along and support Ibo. It won't be brain of Britain stuff, scores are consistently high and many times, I have to have a tie...
  7. F


    Spread over a period of time, I thought that a little quiz would be fun. Join in by answering or, indeed, setting a question. (I will give a prize). In 1066, Harold the Second was defeated by: a) Norman the Conquerer? b) William the Conquerer? c) Konky the Conquerer? d) Other (please...
  8. P

    Istanbul Pub Quiz

    We run a weekly pub quiz in Istanbul, and any and all are of course welcome to join us! We meet at Funky Teras just off Istiklal Caddesi (in the Taksim area of the city) every Thursday evening at 10pm to quiz under the stars on the bar's lovely rooftop. There's no need to have a team...
  9. B

    Another quiz, night at the Jolly Cafe.

    There will be another quiz night on Thursday 26th April, all welcome. I hope our team mates Paul and Rob can make it, we're the team to beat:biggrin:
  10. tykatem

    The Quiz

    TLF entrants Exam, you only need 4 correct out of 10 questions to pass. (Passing requires only 4 correct answers) 1) How long did the Hundred Years' War last? 2) Which country makes Panama hats? 3) From which animal do we get cat gut? 4) In which month do Russians celebrate the...
  11. tykatem

    Etiquette Quiz

    Have a go on this quiz and see where you fall socially. Toff or pikey? Minding Manners Etiquette Quiz, test your international social & business savvy quotient Pete
  12. D

    where.when are the quiz nights please?

    Hi All...can anyone tell me the bars that are running quiz nights and the nights they do them? My husband likes to go, take part and then get a gob on when we don't win :/
  13. B

    Quiz night this Thursday evening

    The twins have asked me to post, they are having a second quiz night on Thursday 22nd. As before a 7 p.m. start, and they'll be serving some curry snacks, well worth the 5 TL entrance.
  14. J

    where has the wednesday night quiz gone?

    Could anyone tell me where the wednesday night quiz that was in the fox gardens with Ken has gone? Anyone know where ken is working now. thanks
  15. mollag

    American quiz

    Gawd love this girl, she is a blonde and American so you dont expect a vast knowledge of Europe but crikey she is thick. :dooh: One of my favorite youeee videos :smartass: I don't think France is a country - YouTube
  16. S

    Cryptic group quiz

    Guess the band from the cryptic clues below 1.Armarda's oak coat 2.Sea blue backdrop 3.Species table 4.Big band moving at night 5.Change pictures 6.Nosy dead pussy 7.Next command 8.Skinny Betty 9.Correct commented Trueman 10.Silhouttes 11.Warm galaxy 12.Refinement association 13.Sobs in panic...
  17. B

    Quiz night at the 'Jolly Bar'

    On Wednesday 7th March 'Quiz Night' at the 'Jolly Bar' from 7pm for a 7.30 start, there will be teams of three or four depending on the uptake, if it's successful they will be held weekly, so why not come along and give it a try? There will be a 5tl entrance fee. I'll post more information over...
  18. alison09400

    Christmas Quiz!

    Q1.What date is St. Stephen's Day? Q2. In Charles Dickens' novel A Christmas Carol, who was Scrooge's dead business partner? Q3. The song White Christmas was first performed in which 1942 film? Q4. London's Trafalgar Square Christmas tree is traditionally given by which country? Q5. In...
  19. Freedom 49

    Quiz night, twice weekly.

    :gathering Our Wednesday & Sunday quiznights are now up & running at Koşem restaurant, Side. Start at 8pm during the winter months, Sunday is a 'Fun Quiz' but Wednesdays are a little more difficult to say the least! Get a team together, come along and join us. Drinks are not expensive and you...
  20. Harem

    Today's quiz question

    You are standing on the top of Ben Nevis on a clear, sunny day. What is the furthest place/object you can see? Answer given tomorrow.
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