1. S

    Boringly quiet

    Why is it that Tlfs so quiet, bordering on banal even boring thesedays? Definite lack of cut n thrust stuff. Yes some get their knickers in a twist re Brexit but it's got so samey and as it's now reached the years of dull negotiation and legal wrangling its snooze time for that one. Then...
  2. D

    Is it quiet in Marmaris?

    We're due there in two weeks and we've heard rumours that hotels and restaurants have closed. What's it like in Marmaris and the surrounding area? Thanks.
  3. mollag

    It's gone quiet

    About Turkey and it's uninvited troop reinforcements in Iraq, big news on the day, complaints made to the UN, the USA vocal about it then---- Nada ! ----what happened? was it resolved? did Turkey take its toys and soldiers back home? Dontcha just hate it when that happens?
  4. T

    Quiet in here

    Where is everyone? or is everyone making more use of facebook? we are back out in mid September though not found any flights yet. any forumites out then?
  5. Jaycey

    We had a very quiet Halloween this year

    We had a very quiet Halloween this year
  6. S

    All quiet?

    Umbongo seems very sleepy thesedays. Apart from usual guff has anyone any news. I am bored and very hot.
  7. D

    3 Bed Villa with Pool in Koyunbaba Bay, Gumusluk available for rent

    Modern villa available to rent in the quiet bay of Koyunbaba, Gumusluk. See website below of availability. Small development, sea views, private pool, several large terraces. It has three bedrooms (sleeping 6 people), 2 bath. The entire villa is air-conditioned and is fitted and furnished to...
  8. mollag

    A quiet time

    Innit really? i mean theres no dust ups, no boxing doggy lovers with the sniping and stuff, no disgruntled immigrants telling us what sh1ts we all are, no wind ups from the hibernian shores, i mean even Kemer kid is being polite and almost suffering fools gladly. Can it be that the clement...
  9. S

    Quiet accommodation

    Hi Can anyone recommend some decent accommodation in a quiet area. We are looking for self catering apartment or bed and breakfast. Not too interested in the clubs but would like to be in walking distance of the bars. Thanks.
  10. E

    House so quiet!

    I gave my blue budgie and white teddy bear hamster in to the pet shop who said they would look after them for two weeks when I'm away. Their idea of looking after makes me worry...the last time the bird's water was empty, don't know for how long...and needless to say the cage is never cleaned...
  11. D

    Quiet Boat Trips in Altinkum

    Can anyone recommend a good boat trip around the coast that won't be blasting music out all day long? we always used to go on the boat trips until an episode with Maxi Tours 2 years ago put us off...the music was so loud we couldn't have a converstaion unless we roared at each other. We couldn't...
  12. J

    Re Quiet Akbuk boat trips

    Somebody mentioned starting a thread in regards to quiet boat trips in Akbuk ie... No loud music!! it seems such a shame that most of the boat trips do seem to be blasting out English music!! so what should be a relaxing time out at sea is being spoilt. Unfortunately the trend seems to be now...
  13. E

    Bin Laden's demise - AKP very quiet

    Burak Bekdil, whose writing i enjoy, has, in his current article in HDN, insinuated that AKP are not exactly rejoicing over the demise of OBL. Erdogan said nothing at all and Mr Gul was subdued about it. Bekdil is amazed that there could be any kind of sympathy for someone who was responsible...
  14. A89

    very quiet!

    Alanya's so quiet at the moment! Ive been here before many times at bayram but never known it soooo quiet!!! If anyone wants to meet up for tea/coffee/beer/vodka/partyyyyy just get in touch!!! We cant sit here and let all the turkish have all the fun :5:
  15. A89

    Nice quiet pool in alanya?

    Does anyone know a nice quiet pool in Alanya? My apartment doesnt have a pool and for the most part I dont mind that but occasionally I do like to go for a swim and sit by a pool. Some of the hotels around me dont mind you going there as long as you buy a coffee or something but most of them are...
  16. John O' Dreams

    Quiet times?

    Just looking at the Altinkum (PC-Based Digital Video Recorder) and Alanya (Alanya'nýn Resmi Web Sitesi) webcams. Is Alanya really that quiet in comparison with Altinkum - which is pretty quiet itself?
  17. martin m

    Why so bloody quiet

    Hi I know this kind of thing gets covered from time to time. BUT WHY THE BLOODY HELL ARE PEOPLE WHO GET RIPPED OF STAYING SO FRIGGING QUIET ABOUT IT. Before any one comes down on me like a ton of bricks, i sympathize greatly with everyone who is conned whilst buying in turkey, simply because...
  18. S

    Feel sorry for him-should have kept quiet!

    Broadcaster Admits To Mercy Killing Of Lover - Yahoo! News UK
  19. whu66

    All Quiet in Gulluk....

    Where is everyone so Quiet in here....ill start im here,feel free to join lol
  20. peter the postie

    Its all gone quiet

    Just got back slightly drunk from middle eastlands. The project marches on after Adebayor destroyed Arsenal :hail: Go on Citeh :)
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