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    Quick Facts About Side - pronounced See-Day -

    Why Side and not Antalya - Don't stay in Antalya - it's a busy, noisy city with much traffic and a horrible sharp shingle beach, no sand; in fact, the last time I swam at Antalya's Konyaalti Beach, both my feet were bleeding badly from that sharp shingle. Side, a 50-minute drive from Antalya...
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    Quick facts about Köyceğiz

    The city of Köyceğiz is on the northern side of a lake köyceğiz, a natural canal known as the Dalyan Delta, which is linked to the Mediterranean Sea. The Köyceğiz-Dalyan Special Environmental Conservation Area protects its natural ecosystem as a wilderness sanctuary. A road shaded by a treetop...
  3. A

    Quick facts about Daylan

    Dalyan is a city situated on the southwest coast of Turkey between the popular Marmaris and Fethiye Districts in Mugla Province. In the administrative district of Ortaca the town is an autonomous municipality. In 1987, Dalyan earned international fame for trying to develop a luxurious hotel at...
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    Quick facts about Fethiye

    Fethiye is an Aegean area of Turkey city and district of Muğla province. It is one of Turkish Riviera's leading tourism destinations. It had 162,686 inhabitants in 2019. In the old town of Telmessos is Modern Fethiye. There are ruins of Telmesso in the city for example the Hellenistic Theater...
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    Quick facts about Bodrum

    It is located on the south coast of the Bodrum peninsula, at a point where the gulf of Gökova is reached and is also the center of this city, called Halicarnassus of Caria, which in ancient times is famous for its mausoleum, one of the Seven Wo Woo Mausolus, which was the center of this...
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    Quick facts about Izmir

    fter Istanbul and Ankara, izmir is Turkey's third most populous city. After Athens it is the second biggest town in the Aegean Sea. The city, which remained in English until around 1930, is known in classic Antiquity as Smyrna. There are several metropolitan districts composed of the city, and...
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    Quick facts about Kuşadası

    Kuşadası is a major tourist resort on the Turkish Aegean coast and the same name base in the coastal district. It is 95 kilometers to the south of the nation and about 60 kilometers from Aydın. Tourism is the principal field of the municipality. Güvercinada Island is connected by a human-made...
  8. bickern

    Quick Easy Recipes over Lockdown

    I have been making this for a while now and it really is simple. I know bread is cheap here and sold everywhere but you can't beat your own for satisfaction. ------------------------------------------ PEASANT BREAD Ingredients 4 cups (510 g | 1 lb. 2 oz) all-purpose flour* (BİM or A101...
  9. A89

    Quick question

    My time deposit account finished today. As im leaving at the end of February Im debating sending the majority over to my UK account now (wıth the money from my apartment sale) and not opening a new one for 2 months, or do you think its likely that I might get a better exchange in February than...
  10. A

    Zimmer jokes

    Ah the good old zimmer frames ... and a slice of humour about them ... (1) https://www.jacquielawson.com/sendcard/preview?cont=1&hdn=0&fldCard=3466308&path=83542&pmode=init ... (2)...
  11. J

    Quick visit

    Hi everyone Ive just booked a late break arriving on Saturday evening, hopefully spend the week getting the feel of what I want to buy as in area/community that sort off thing. will be calling in at Kale but do's anyone know opening times had a chat with the lady there few years ago and...
  12. A89

    Quick airport shuttle

    A few weeks ago I was lookıng for another transfer to try after havıng so many bad experiences with 724 lately. I found one that does a 'Speedy shuttle' which guarantees 4 stops maximum. I used this on the way to Antalya airport and had 2 stops after me. It cost £11 one way. I booked only one...
  13. bickern

    Quick way to peel a spud

    I have been doing it wrong forever. I will try it next time I am cooking some spuds.:frog: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is perhaps the best hack that I've ever heard of. There is nothing that I hate more than peeling potatoes. It's so...
  14. Neil_Denizli

    A quick pint ...

    Back in Gumusluk for a couple of days. So who fanicies one?
  15. A

    Quick question on RP renewal and health insurance

    Is there a certain time period for how long your health insurance should be valid for when you make an RP renewal i.e. will it need to cover the entire forthcoming year of the RP? I ask because I currently have private health insurance that runs out about four months after my RP renewal date...
  16. S

    E Visa quick question

    Hello again Just purchased a 180 day visa which I understand is multiple entry and the maximum stay is 90 days in the 180. The one I've got expires early January 2015. I wont be overstaying the 90 days, but my question is this:- If I want to visit Turkey after my current visa expires in...
  17. E

    Quick question about 5 year ban

    Hey everyone, I understand that if you overstay your visa, you risk being banned from entering Turkey for 5 years, but I'm wondering... what causes the 5 year ban? Is it only for those who leave the country without paying their fine for overstaying their visa, or do you still possibly face a 5...
  18. S

    Quick query - Mobile Contract for Expats?

    Just a quickie Are you allowed a contract mobile phone if you have residency or is it Turks only Thanks
  19. T

    Quick Visit by Killer

    In my garden just now. I heard a BUMP! looked out and found this. SPARROWHAWK AND STARLING
  20. S

    Quick Service

    Last Friday I needed to buy a new Hot water boiler for my new apart . I went to Tekzen , I thought I would have to wait until at least over the weekend for it to be delivered but to my delight it was delivered and fitted within 3 hours. I can highly recommend their quick and efficient service .
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