1. G

    Turkish visa question

    Hi to all can anyone enlighten me on the Visa problem I have been told that you don't need a visa to enter Turkey if this is true how long can you stay as we was hoping to move out to live there for a year if not longer as we are now retired any information will be greatly appreciated. Gaz &...
  2. G

    Phone question & Vodafone UK charging £6 per day

    :hmm:Please Can anyone tell me wheather I should get contract or pay monthly sim for my phone and which one to get and how much should I look at paying.
  3. E

    Question to complex board and controller

    Hi everybody, I hope somebody can help me with this. In our complex, we finally managed to install a 3 member board and a controller. Since it`s the first year we have this, we are not quite sure of the powers/responsibilities of the positions of board/controller. Our turkish manager is not...
  4. A89

    Quick question

    My time deposit account finished today. As im leaving at the end of February Im debating sending the majority over to my UK account now (wıth the money from my apartment sale) and not opening a new one for 2 months, or do you think its likely that I might get a better exchange in February than...
  5. E

    A question as to how many votes can be exercised

    Please forgive me if this (or a similar) question has been answered here before somewhere. If so, I just can`t find it. In our faciity we have 140 apartments. The builder still owns 44 of those. I`m not sure I understand the condominium law. I know 1 owner cannot exercise more than one third...
  6. A89

    another question.

    Hello my lovelies. Can those of you that aren't number phobic tell me the best way to use my finances now that I'm thinking of leaving please? I have some money here in an interest account and have been leaving that in and instead withdrawing sterling from my UK account to use for most living...
  7. Camden

    A daft question asked on Quora

    The Question was ( serious ) Do they have cars in Turkey ??? :: And one answer by Turk in total disbelief in link 2nd answer down . Do they have cars in Turkey? Ediz Buka Ediz Buka, lives in Istanbul Updated Fri No we don’t ! I didn’t even know what car is before this question...
  8. martin s

    Building amnesty question

    We have been going through the process with the intention of getting a basement apartment changed from a Depo to a Mesken. Originally the plans were for a penthouse on top of our block, but even though this was never built the bottom floor tapu says depo. Having forked out for a POA to get...
  9. E

    Vitamins/supplements customs question

    Hope someone can help with the following question. I'm thinking of ordering some vitamins/supplements from the US but don't know if customs here in Turkey will allow that. Has anyone gone through the process? thanks
  10. L

    Visitors visa question

    Hi Guys, My tourist visa expires on the 7th September. As I will be in Turkey on that date can I apply for a new visa starting on the 8th September before I go on the 1st September? Hope that makes sense! Regards
  11. E

    Balcony legal question

    Hopefully somebody can answer this. We live in a facility with 110 apartments total. We are the owners of 1 of them.Since a school is being built basically directly in front of our back balcony, we would like to put glass panels around the balcony to quiet it down a bit. I talked about it to...
  12. T

    Marriage question...

    Hello everyone, I have a few questions regarding marrying a Turk. Have read a few threads on here, picking up a few pointers here and there, and some advising not to marry one! lol :) Anyway, I love her very much and we have decided to get married. Me: UK citizen Employed Divorced Her...
  13. Martian106

    Taxi question

    Hello people not been on for a while, rude I know:438qr: Does anyone know rough costs of Taxi from Antalya Airport to Manavgat Kizilot? Any help appreciated
  14. meyavilla

    Residency question please

    Morning all Could anyone please tell how many of you have had to get your UK pension letter apostilized (no such word i'm sure) in the UK, then notarized and translated in Turkey. Our friends didn't even have to show their's, but there are so many conflicting stories. We are in the Bodrum...
  15. A

    A question about 'man caves'

    Hi everyone First post on this forum :bounce: I've been looking to buy a house in Antalya and a few of the properties that we've been looking at have large areas in the basements - sometimes over 3 bedrooms. This is a cool feature but a couple of locals have told us that these rooms are...
  16. bal canavar

    Bikers out there Question Please

    A friend tweeted a picture he took in London , in the summer.of what looks like two super street bikes . I wondered what make they were any info on them.
  17. Kingfisher

    The Kurdish question

    Dates from last month but an interesting point of view: "For Erdogan, now it is a perfect time to fan the flames of a nasty civil war. Nothing can work better than the arrest of Kurdish politicians, shutdown of their media outlets and nationalistic jingoism." To Transform Turkey, Erdogan Needs...
  18. B

    Cameron/Corbyn Question Time

    David Cameron to Jeremy Corbyn: For heaven's sake, go - BBC News Recently, it's rare for me to agree with David Cameron, but on this occasion I do go along with him. Although (from my perspective) to keep the Socialists out of power, I would rather...
  19. lynda123

    Garanti question

    Can anyone tell me what the customer number or TR number is that is 11 digits long. I used in the uk 2 weeks ago and was never asked for this (online access) Neither my customer number nor tr number )as I have them) are 11 digits long. None of the information I have relates to an 11 digit...
  20. J

    Visa question.

    Hi all, My tourist visa lasts from the 22 Feb to the 19th Aug. I entered Turkey back on the 23 Feb and left on the 9th Apr I plan to return to Turkey at the end of July until leaving at the end of September.Will I be OK to apply for another tourist visa even when I have one that is still valid...
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