1. S

    Residency query

    A friend of mine is considering buying in Marmaris. Because of my experience there he assumes I am an expert in all things Turkey- truth is I am totally out of the loop so don't want to give them bum info. His query is if they buy a property- but only put it in one of their names- how does the...
  2. S

    English local info query

    Can anyone tell me how long it would take to drive Liverpool to Portsmouth Is it a motorway? I know there are various sites to look up these distances etc but prefer proper personal knowledge/experience Cheers
  3. Spike

    TTNet DNS server query

    Had internet connection problems recently, computer told me "cannot find DNS server". Called customer service who told me (how to) change IPV4 connectivity from automatically find DNS server, which presumably I've been doing for the last ten years, to using a particular address,
  4. T

    Turkish Passport Application Query

    Hi everyone My father (deceased)was a Turkish Cypriot who came to the UK 56 years ago.I understand I can apply for a Turkish Passport which is something I want to do as I intend to buy a property there. Firstly I would like to know if this is the case and how to go about applying,also is it a...
  5. K

    Garanti Banking Query

    I have an current account with garanti which is online so as i can view my payments and direct debits. Yesterday i attempted to pay a payment into someone elses account at the same bank online. All seemed to go well put in recipitents name and account number and the payment of 250 ytl. I then...
  6. Jaycey

    Property rental query

    We have a 2-bed, 2-bath fully furnished apartment with pool in Oba/Alanya 5 minutes from the beach. Our agents have rented this out for 6 months at 800 TL pm (excl water, electricity - we pay the monthly maintenance fee). Does this sound about right? Any comments will be much appreciated.
  7. D

    Notarised Condominium Records - A query

    I am trying to verify the figures relating to our condominium expenses. There is not much co-operation, so it would help me to know the following: When the Condominium book of expenses is taken for Notarising, the Act says that the vouchers (receipts and bills) should be with it. Does anyone...
  8. S

    Quick query - Mobile Contract for Expats?

    Just a quickie Are you allowed a contract mobile phone if you have residency or is it Turks only Thanks
  9. S

    Quickie electrical query

    Would an electrical appliance bought in Turkey work ok ( with Euro to Uk plug) at home?????
  10. mollag

    Kos query

    Does anyone know if there is any problem in Kos if a Turkish vehicle is taken over and used for a weekend? im thinking of a scooter in the main------Cheers
  11. P

    Mobile Phone Query

    I have noted several local numbers in the threads. What is the best way to phone, can I bring an unlocked mobile and buy a local SIM card?
  12. ExG

    Rental Query

    I'm coming to the end of my 18 day stay here in Ovacik. Got 5 days left. Really enjoying it so started looking to maybe come back later in the year Anyway as I was wandering I saw a board advertising the following I've left out the name and phone number 2/3 bedroom apartments to rent...
  13. A

    UK Work Permit Query Please advice!!!!

    Hi My name is Aleksandra. I live in UK with my partner Umit. I was just wondering if somebody could help me to resolve a query. Umit has received his work permit (has shortly changed to tier 2 visa) in 2008. He has been told that after 5 years he can apply for Indefinite leave to remain. The...
  14. J

    Turkcell SIM query

    My friend has a turkcell phone. She has not been here since August last year and now when we turn the phone on it is saying SIM CARD REGISTRATION FAILED. Does this mean she will have to buy a new SIM, or will it work if she tops her kontor up on the original number? Dont want to waste money on...
  15. irishmatelot

    Ankara Query...

    Hi there I am spending 3 days in Ankara during my annual summer pilgrimage to Bodrum. I am reading about so many great places to see and things to do but the time limit I have put on myself is making me nervous about getting the best out of the trip. I would appreciate any first hand comments...
  16. S

    Another geeky query

    Whilst I am still in geek mode has anyone any experience of these for giving you more of a wireless signal around your house With Chez Saoirse in Umbongo I don't get signal everywhere in the house so was gonna try one of these
  17. A

    showing evidence and married query

    Hello I have been advised by another website that if I was married to a Turkish citizen and then applied for a Resident Visa I would not need to show any evidence of how I am supporting myself.. Apparently it is assumed your husband will support you But if single I would need to show bank...
  18. C

    Residency Query

    Hi all,I have a query here that I can't seem to find the answer to,maybe somebody could help me please.My residency is due to run out on the 14th of this month,I was on the understanding that I could not apply for an extension until 14 days before it expires.In the meantime I have booked a week...
  19. irishmatelot

    Turkish Airlines query

    I want to book with Turkish Airlines for next summer and they have a 20kg baggage allowance...does anyone know if there is an option to buy a second piece of baggage rather than pay the excess baggage charge which is colossal? I telephoned them but the man I spoke to was less than helpful...
  20. S

    Quickie query

    Does anyone know if wage slips (from home)-as opposed to pension info-can be used as proof of required income for an RP
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