1. suecheshireuk

    More visa/ permit queries

    Our permit runs out next month, is there a way of extending it??? Can we use a 90 day visa by leaving the country when it expires and come back in for a month or so??? Just trying to buy some time if we need to go down this route. I'm sure I read somewhere that it has been done but can't find...
  2. R

    Scooter queries and Scooter Wanted

    Im looking to purchase a scooter for use when I am on holidays in Akbuk. I intend to spend 3 months of the year there. Does any one know can non residences purchase a scooter, do they have any trouble registering , taxing and insuring them and are the allowed to use them with just a UK car...
  3. M

    Residency queries

    Hi Everyone My husband and I are planning to move to Fethiye area around February time and wish to bring a container with household and personal items over by road. I have read lots of info regarding residency but nothing seems crystal clear and talking to the Turkish Embassy in London was...
  4. N

    Utility connections queries

    help...we've been cut off Our agent who we bought off and who is about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike was supposed to pay our utility bills so we gave him POA on our account to set up a DD but guess what....there is a sticker on our meter saying we have been cut off. Now why am I not...
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