1. T

    Internet Quality

    Once again we are finding that Netflix and YouTube viewing is frequently interrupted by an inconsistent internet connection. A speed test can show 6Mb/s one minute then zero the next. We're in Side, Kemer Mah: is this a general problem with landline internet or is it due to penny-pinching by our...
  2. Sha Hoorsur

    Quality of life.

    Scots 'have better quality of life than the English': Brussels bureaucrats claim they're more tolerant and their schools are superior • England ranked lower than Scotland and Northern Ireland in the new study • The Welsh have a lower quality of life than the English according to the EU •...
  3. pembelu

    merinos quality like new 2 tone shaggy purple carpet

    clean ready to use, merinos brand med sz carpet. 150tl koycegiz collection pls msj for more pics or info
  4. R

    Good quality Gas station?

    What Gas station sell good quality Diesel? Was advised that a bad tank can really cost you.
  5. L

    Best place to by quality sun beds for tall users

    Just taken up a 12mth rental but need to supplement existing sun beds with one or two quality beds for larger 6ft 4in man. Where is the best place to buy these at reasonable prices. Also need sitting room lounge chair with high back...second hand will do. Staying in Dalyan Cheers Lockwoodman
  6. S

    Good Quality Kennels needed urgently

    I hope someone can help , i need to put my dog into kennels but she has special needs , been trying country ranch but no answer not sure where to turn , im hoping someone has some contact info for a well recommended kennels in the bodrum area .. ty in advance .
  7. R

    Open vacancy for Turkish speaking Localization Quality Assurance (QA) Tester, Dublin

    We are currently looking for Turkish speaking localization QA testers for our customer based in Dublin, Ireland. If you are an avid gamer with excellent spelling and grammar skills, and you pay attention to detail, this position could potentially suit you well. Job description: •...
  8. pembelu

    Quality 2nd hand goods for sale koycegiz area

    selling on behalf of a friend based in central koycegiz these items are top quality and are being sold due to relocation sofa set 3 seater, 2 seater and single armchair 3 seater = 210 x 1m deep 2 seater 155 x '' '' 2 xsingle armchair 95 cm x '' '' its satin and leather classic style...
  9. B

    Good Quality second hand goods.

    If anyone is selling any white goods or furniture second hand can they please let me know.
  10. B

    How to combat poor quality build.

    If you believe that your apartment is suffering from poor quality build what are you options and entitlement. In general under the Turkish Builders Code of Obligations most properties carry a general 5 year warranty. The court will hear an application after 5 years but will no doubt question...
  11. culturevulture

    Topsoil or Good quality clay......?

    I am looking for about 2-3 sacks of topsoil or good quality clay. I want to start potting up some Spring bulbs. I have on other occasions used the Toprak available in the Supermarkets, but I find any watering or feeding done on the flowers, just goes straight through. Do you have or know anyone...
  12. T

    Quality of Petty Bickering

    It seems to me that the standard of petty bickering has fallen drastically over the last few weeks. The little spats now don't provide the perverse amusement that they did formerly; it is of primary school playground level; not much more than name calling. Perhaps it is something to do with heat...
  13. culturevulture

    Quality of Duty Free cigs???

    First of all, please, all non-smokers don't jump on me. :dooh: I recently bought some cigarettes-Benson and Hedges- in Dublin Airport duty free shop and they are the worst I have ever bought, in terms of tobacco quality. I know that all European cigs have an ingredient now added, so that the...
  14. pembelu

    Quality Cow Manure (2 tractor loads) for sale

    my inlaws are selling their usual good quality cow manure 2 tractor loads available 130tl a load buyer needs to organise tractor/men to load it. Manure in toparlar pls PM for more info. thanks :-)
  15. Q

    Quality of Turkish medications

    So this is a long way off, but Turkish antidepressants cost about half as much here as the co-pay costs me in the United States, and can be obtained without a prescription. I'm thinking of bringing some back the next time I go home, but my mother has raised the objection that the efficacy might...
  16. altinkum kev

    Roses or Quality st

    Yes Didim Del boy has 10. 1kg tins of each for sale again this year if you are interested pm me 30TL each.
  17. shazeroo

    Top Quality Day Bed / Full Size Double Sofa Bed For Sale

    We are selling this top quality Day Bed at at an exceptionally low price as it cost nearly £700 new and is in perfect condition. It is a large piece of furniture that is extremely versatile as it also converts to a full size double bed. I have put several photos on showing how it changes to a...
  18. Harem

    Quality Hi-Fi System from UK

    Selling the following very good quality hi-fi separates brought from the UK:- Sony CDP 797 with remote NAD 3130 integrated amplifier 80W Gale Silver Monitor speakers QED cables with gold plated plugs Power leads PC compatible. £400 complete
  19. P

    Best place for quality plastic furniture

    Hi, I will be looking to buy the following when i return to Turunc in March. White plastic is the fashion of the day for me. 4 of adjustable back sun loungers 6 of stackable chairs 1 of 60 cm square table 1 of approx 60 by 100cm table(to seat 4) 3 of parasols and 4 of parasol bases(fillable...
  20. I

    Good quality meat??

    Anybody know where you can get good quality reasonably priced meat in the area. We normally just go the the old Migros or kipa but we have had to return meat a couple of times lateley as it was off. Any alternatives would be much appreciated.:boohoo:
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